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Chakwal Programme Unit

Area: 6,524 sq. km
Population: 1,083,725 (1998)
Districts: 4 sub-districts
Sponsored children: 9,254

This Plan programme unit was formed in 1997 and covers the district of Chakwal in the northern part of the Punjab Province.

Plan-supported communities in Chakwal have been unaffected by the floods crisis in Pakistan.

Programme highlights

Safe learning environment for students

With support from Plan Pakistan, community-based health and environment committees have managed the construction and rehabilitation of 5 schools where 16 hand pumps and 8 sewerage systems have been installed. Now children are drinking safe water and learning in a cool, child-friendly environment.

“All of us are very thankful to Plan Pakistan,” said Tanveer, aged 10. “Due to their efforts we are sitting in our own classrooms. Before, we had to sit under the shade of the trees.”

Healthy life practices

Health workshops, free medical camps, de-worming camps, pregnant mothers’ meetings and early childhood care awareness campaigns are run regularly in Chakwal by Plan Pakistan.

Guidance and support is also provided to health workers and vaccinators.

Schools and education

Plan Pakistan’s School Improvement Programme engages villagers in various activities that help optimise the education experience of students. This includes identifiying educated yet unemployed youth who are then engaged in tutoring children after school hours.

Our Early Childhood Care and Development programme offers an opportunity for parents and children to increase their awareness of child rights, child health and education. Caregivers help children to take part in recreational events, school functions and reflection meetings where issues and concerns of children and their parents are discussed.

Child rights and equal opportunities for all

While working for children in difficult circumstances, Plan Pakistan partners with a local organisation to support disabled people in Chakwal.

Outreach camps, medical treatment, mobility aids and counselling sessions are all part of this programme.

“The Early Childhood Care and Development centre is playing a significant role in improving my child’s behaviour, so I send him regularly,” said Nafisa, the mother of a child with a disability.

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