Plan International Haiti

Plan International began operating in Haiti in 1973 to address the biggest inequalities and violations of children’s rights.

In Haiti there are high rates of child marriage, teenage pregnancy, violence and child labour in addition to a lack of education. We are working in collaboration with the Haitian government to support children to realise their full potential and prevent the risks they are exposed to.

By focusing on the key issues faced by the most vulnerable children, especially girls in remote communities, we are working where we are needed most and can have the biggest impact.

Our current priorities include:

  • Working in prevention and attention to emergencies and humanitarian crisis.
  • Ensuring the most vulnerable children have access to a quality education.
  • Preventing violence and exploitation, and supporting survivors of abuse.
  • Preventing teenage pregnancy.


Haiti is between the hungriest places on earth, and one of the countries with highest levels of chronic food insecurity with 22% of children chronically malnourished.

Where we work

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Plan International Haiti,

7 impasse Borno,Rue Catalpa Delmas 75,

P.O Box 2193,


(+509) 2813-1141 

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Map showing our presence in Haiti