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EUROPEAN Development Days

looking back on two exciting and inspiring days
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Spotlight on the rights of the Girls

From 50 percent of the population to 50 percent of seats

the EU’s commitment to securing access to education in times of emergencies and protracted crises for all children, especially girls and children with disabilities

On the global level, and whilst education in humanitarian contexts, still remains underfunded and under prioritised, the European Commission has consistently stepped up funding to education in crises in the last few years. When I took up office at the end of 2014, education amounted to 1% of the humanitarian budget. Today 8% of our humanitarian funding (EUR 86 million for 2018) is dedicated to education in emergencies, considerably above the global average of less than 3%. By the end of this year, EU funded projects will have supported over 5.5 million girls and boys around the world.

Is the DEVE committee turning its back on development cooperation in the next MFF?

Unfortunately, the Opinion drafted by MEP Engel represents a U-turn in the DEVE Committee’s position, as it supports the single instrument – the NDICI - proposed by the European Commission. By contrast, in its former Opinion from end of January, the DEVE Committee clearly stated that “a dedicated development instrument is the best option for a high-quality development policy in the interests of developing countries, particularly LDCs, with the primary objective of eradicating poverty while upholding internationally agreed development and aid effectiveness principles”.

VOTE for GIRLS, Commit to girls' rights everywhere - European Week of Action for Girls 2018

The European Week of Action for Girls 2018 will again give space to girls to bring their voices to EU decision-makers and help shape a better world for all girls. They will take the opportunity to urge EU leaders on what needs to be done to overcome the barriers they face, and to ensure their rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Breaking barriers to quality education in emergency situations

For many of these children, it is the first time they go to school. The system of mobile education put in place through this project increases access to education for children living in hard-to-reach areas where they have no access to formal schools. Beyond teaching the academic curriculum, this project also provides psychosocial support for children who have been traumatised as a result of the crisis.

Our results last year
  • 91 projects
    funded by the EC running in 2016-17
  • 49 countries
    implementing EC-funded projects
  • 15 million
    people benefiting from EC-funded projects
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3rd floor
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Joyce, as a survivor and peer educator, speaks out against FGM and child marriage in her region.
Plan International EC-funded projects
ECHO: Strengthening communities resilience to shocks in departments of Cochabamba and Chuquisaca
EuropeAid: Bridges to the Future: Employment Solutions for vulnerable youth
Dominican Republic
ECHO: Mainstreaming resilience and ensuring a timely response to food and nutrition insecurity related to slow onset crisis via the improvement of absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacities
Dominican Republic
ECHO: Merging Disaster Risk Management strategies and tools with an inclusive approach in the Dominican Republic and Cuba
Dominican Republic
ECHO: Strengthening urban resilience through humanitarian protection, shelter and communication in Santo Domingo
ECHO: Support to Public Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Coordination Mechanisms in Ecuador
El Salvador
ECHO: A participatory and inclusive approach to resilient communities in La Libertad department
El Salvador
EuropeAid: Youth Economic Empowerment
El Salvador
EuropeAid: Youth, civil society and the community working together for the full implementation of sexual and reproductive rights
Central America
ECHO: Institutionalisation of drought risk management tools and processes in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras
Central America
EuropeAid: Young people and civil society united for the defence of their rights
Central America
ECHO: Protecting vulnerable groups in disaster preparedness and response through the incorporation of principles of humanitarian protection in Central America
EuropeAid: Fighting violence against children together
EuropeAid: Building citizenship for the rights of children and youth
ECHO: Urban Risk Reduction in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua
South America
ECHO: More education, less risk: Strengthening disaster risk reduction and resilience through education in Paraguay, Ecuador and Colombia
EuropeAid: Action for the improvement of local governance and citizens' participation in local development
Burkina Faso
EuropeAid: Improved acess to water and sanitation services for women and children
Central African Republic
ECHO: Promoting education and peace among children
ECHO: Nigerian Refugees WaSH Assistance: meeting life saving needs and preventing disease in Minawao Camp
EuropeAid: Young voices: Enhancing transformative change, good governance and accountability in maternal health delivery
Guinea Bissau
EuropeAid: Community-Based Action Tackling female genital cutting
EuropeAid: Light up Our Futures
EuropeAid: Improved living conditions of children and their families thanks to the access to modern and affordable energy services in 30 poor communities
EuropeAid: Eradicating early and forced marriage in Dosso Region
Sierra Leone
EuropeAid: Food Poverty Reduction Initiative
Sierra Leone
EuropeAid: Child Survival and Development
EuropeAid: Promotion of young people's right to sexual and reproductive health
EuropeAid: Promotion of children's right to water and environmental health
EuropeAid: Building an Inclusive Living Environment for Children and Young People with Disabilities
ECHO: Nima2 - Supporting pre-primary and primary education for Syrian refugees and Egyptian host communities in Alexandria and Sharkia
EuropeAid: Youth engagement and voice
EuropeAid: Combatting FGM by campaigning and supporting Community-Based Organisations
ECHO: Protection of boys and girls displaced by the South Sudanese conflict and those living in host communities
EuropeAid: Improving Access to Water and Sanitation in Matungulu and Masinga Districts
EuropeAid: Youth Action for Open Governance and Accountability at County Level through ICTs and Media
EuropeAid: Child Protection against Violence in Kenya
EuropeAid: Peri-Urban Sanitation and Hygiene Project in Mzuzu City
EuropeAid: Poverty Reduction through Youth Empowerment, Technical Training and Employability
EuropeAid: Empowering Youth through an Inclusive Cooperative Movement in Rwanda
South Sudan
ECHO: Promoting Education and Peace for Children and Youth Affected by Conflict in Greater Pibor Administrative Area
South Sudan
EuropeAid: Empowering NSAs to provide youth with alternative livelihood opportunities for poverty reduction and peace building
EuropeAid: Strengthening Protective Environment for Children in Kassala State
EuropeAid: Empowering At-Risk Groups to Secure Climate Resilient Livelihoods
EuropeAid: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children in Tanzania: Linking community systems to a national model for Child Protection
EuropeAid: Preventing child marriage and FGM in high risk communities in Tanzania to support girls to realise their right: Tarime district, Mara region
EuropeAid: Preventing child marriage and FGM in high risk communities in Tanzania to support girls to realise their rights
ECHO: Minimize and mitigate the negative impact of displacement and ensure the protection of vulnerable Burundian refugees
ECHO: Child protection and hygiene promotion strenghtening for Burundian refugees in Tanzania
ECHO: Promoting Education, Protection and Peace for South Sudan refugee boys and girls in Adjumani District
EuropeAid: Combatting silent violence against younger children in post-conflict districts of Northern Uganda
EuropeAid: Empowering youth for sustainable livelihoods
ECHO: Promoting Education, Protection and Peace for South Sudan (PEPPS) refugee boys and girls in Adjumani District, Uganda
EuropeAid: Making law work for girls and boys
ECHO: Enhancing inclusive disaster resilience in Bangladesh
EuropeAid: Creating an enabling environment for young people to claim and access their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
EuropeAid: Promoting Child-Friendly Communities through the Development of a National Child Protection System
EuropeAid: Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) for ethnic minority children in Ratanakiri province
EuropeAid: Ensuring a brighter future for the most vulnerable children through the promotion of integrated early childhood care and development
EuropeAid: Improved responsiveness of social protection for migrant and left-behind children in Qinghai and An´hui, China
EuropeAid: Promoting gender wage parity and non-discrimination in the work environment
EuropeAid: Combating the worst forms of discrimination against girls: female infanticide
EuropeAid: Young Women's Economic Empowerment
EuropeAid: Strong CSOs for inclusive livestock value chain development in NTT (SCILD)
EuropeAid: Building Civil Society from the village up: participation, rights and gender equity for ethnic group adolescents
EuropeAid: Strengthening civil society to protect and promote social, economic and cultural rights of ethnic communities in Bokeo province
ECHO: Safer Coastal and Urban Communities through Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction in Myanmar
ECHO: EU Children of Peace
ECHO: Shelter and Non-Food-Items relief to earthquake affected populations of the West and Central Development regions of Nepal
ECHO: Promoting and strengthening school safety in Nepal through operationalizing the Comprehensive School Safety Framework (CSSF)
EuropeAid: Provision of access to market-driven training and employment opportunities
EuropeAid: Collective Action to Promote Non-violent and Protective Society for Children
ECHO: Scaling Up Resilience in Governance (SURGE)
ECHO: Emergency Response to populations affected by Typhoon Haiyan
ECHO: Restoring Integrity and Resilience of the Internally Displaced Populations in the Philippines
EuropeAid: Strengthening social protection, resilience and inclusive development for marginalized people through citizens and civil society engagement
South Asia
ECHO: ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative (ASSI)
Sri Lanka
EuropeAid: Empowering women through e-governance
Timor Leste
EuropeAid: Empowerment and inclusion of marginalised youth in the economic and political development of Timor-Leste
Timor Leste
EuropeAid: Creating a Healthy Environment for Children in Rural Communities
ECHO: Early recovery assistance to Typhoon and flood affected children and their families in Central Vietnam
ECHO: Joint Partnership to support the advancement of the National Community-based Disaster Risk Management programme and the action plan on Disaster Risk Reduction/Climate Change