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Working in Myanmar since 2008, supporting children and their families to live more fulfilling lives
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Small Health Measures Make a Big Difference

A tape measure, some scales, a bar of soap and a room full of singing children. 

In Thin Chi Gine village, Rakhine State, these are the small, life-saving interventions that parents depend on to keep their children healthy.

The Village That Built a Pre-School

Padar village didn’t have a pre-school, so the community decided to build their own. The women started baking, the men started baby sitting and the whole village started saving money.

Building Greener and More Resilient Communities

More than 1000 students in 70 villages of Rakhine State are now better prepared to respond to disasters and mitigate the risks of climate change after joining School Disaster Management Committees. 

“We Lost Everything": Recovering From the Floods

Livelihoods and access to food and water remain challenges more than 7 months after Cyclone Komen caused flooding across Myanmar. Communities are recovering and preparing for their next challenge - the dry season.

Improving education with the flip of a switch

For children in Rakhine State, Myanmar, the evolution of solar power is changing their daily lives.With solar lights they can now read and study at home and this energy-efficient option is transforming students' lives.

Better Parents and Healthier, Happier Children

To learn how to care for their children and become better spouses, men and women in Taungup Township, Rakhine State are taking part in parenting groups and are demonstrating a strong understanding of the profound impact that early childhood care and education can have on their child’s future development.

Schools Damaged After Myanmar Floods

“The school in our village has opened again, but it’s really damaged. The windows and the door have broken and everything in the classroom has washed away. We don’t have any books yet,” said 10 year old Ma Aye from Rakhine State.

Food and Water Urgent Priorities After Floods

In hundreds of communities across Rakhine State, floods have disrupted people’s lives, but it is the loss of their rice crop and the destruction of their drinking water that have been some of the greatest challenges. Plan International is currently supporting 32 communities in Rakhine State to recover from floods that devastated the region.

Protecting Communities Against Climate Change

Communities are becoming healthier, saving money and protecting themselves against climate change after the started using more energy efficient stoves in Rakhine State.

Our results to date
  • 1625
    people benefited from new toilets and boreholes
  • 191
    Communities supported by Plan International Myanmar
  • 4,034
    students join school Disaster Risk Management Committees
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Jenny Swe Swe Mynit

Programme Director, Plan International Myanmar

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Emergency Response Manager, Plan International Myanmar

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Business Development Manager, Plan International Myanmar
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