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Plan International has been working with children, their families and communities in Ecuador since 1963.

In Ecuador there are high levels of violence and girls are vulnerable from an early age. In addition, girls are discriminated against and receive little respect or advice as they grow up.   

Opportunities to get good jobs are also scarce and there are high rates of teenage pregnancy, child marriage and children who are out-of-school.

Our work focuses on increasing girls’ leadership to bring about positive changes in society. We also work with boys and men so they understand the importance of gender equality and become allies in working towards it.

Over the next 5 years, Plan International Ecuador will impact the lives of 3.7 million people, almost 25% of the Ecuadorian population, of which 2 million will be girls and young women.

Our priorities include: 

  • Providing children with a healthy and violence-free start in their lives
  • Supporting girls to lead positive change in society around violence and sexual health
  • Increasing the resilience of communities to climate change
  • Helping children and young people get an education, skills and good jobs.
Venezuela migration crisis
Over 4.5 million people have fled from Venezuela since 2015 with Colombia, Peru and Ecuador hosting the most migrants. Children, especially girls, are among the most vulnerable to this crisis - see how we are responding to their needs.
Where we work
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Avenida República OE1-135 entre 10 de Agosto y Teresa de Cepeda
(+593) 2 244 4941/244 4942/244 4943
Key contacts
Rossana Viteri

Rossana Viteri

Country Director, Plan International Ecuador