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Advancing children's rights and equality for girls.
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Girl holding Smartphone with Application Reprodutiva

Strong Girls Today, Powerful Women Tomorrow

On this International Women’s Day Plan International Timor-Leste strengthens girls’ and women’s voices, their right to Sexual and Reproductive Health and their Economic Empowerment. Learn more.

Leonora standing in the greenhouse of her horticulture group in Timor-Leste

Youth Empowerment – How Two Young Women Improve Their Lives

Leonora, 17, and Lenia, 22, are two young women from a rural village in Timor-Leste. What they have in common? They both want to have a good future and they are enthusiastic about taking their lives into their own hands. They have joined Plan International's Youth Empowerment Programme and now they truly thrive. Watch the video!

Girls in Timor-Leste taking a selfie together

7 inspiring things young people from Timor-Leste have achieved in 2017

What an eventful year! In 2017 young people from Timor-Leste have been truly inspiring and they have shown that children and youths can make a difference. Read what they have achieved in this past year.

young people marching against gender based violence

“No” to gender-based Violence

As part of the global campaign ’16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence’ a group of youth activists have raised their voices and taken a stand against violence against women and girls which is still highly prevalent in Timor-Leste’s society.

Boy standing at the entrance of his house

A Toilet for Duarte

In Timor-Leste having a Toilet is not self-evident. Especially in the rural areas, one third of the population is still practicing open defecation. So for 7-year-old Duarte it is very special that his family now has their first own toilet. 

woman with baby in her arms

Lack of information fuels teen pregnancies

“I knew a little bit about how a baby is made, but not too much. I had no education about this at school” said Natalia, 19, from Aileu Municipality. Early pregnancy is a major concern in Timor-Leste where almost one quarter of women have a baby by the time they are 20.

five happy girls in pink T-shirts jumping up front of Timor-Leste's flag

#IDG2017: Today’s Girls, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Five girls took over the roles of village chiefs on International Day of the Girl and showed that girls can be strong and confident leaders.

Teaming-up with communities to build new preschools

In rural areas of Timor-Leste, Plan International teams-up with communities to build new preschools and enable all children to learn, play and sing - and get ready for the next chapter in their lives. 

Girls from Aileu municipality are presenting their recommendations about the draft family planning policy.

Women and girls speak-up against draft family planning policy

"Teenage pregnancy is a big problem in our communities, and this policy will only exacerbate the problem, instead of addressing it," said 18 year-old Odelia.

Young first-aiders help keep their school safe

Plan International Timor-Leste works with schools and communities in Aileu municipality to ensure that children stay safe in case of a disaster or emergency situation. 

Lenia, 22, is standing in front of her shop in Aileu.

Young people save for the future

Young people in Timor-Leste are gaining skills, saving money and reaching independence thanks to a partnership between Plan International, the European Union and The Australian Government.

a girl dancing and playing in Timor-Leste

Putting child protection and gender equality at the heart of the political agenda

Following recommendations from Plan International, eight political parties in Timor-Leste committed to guaranteeing child protection and women's empowerment ahead of the elections. 

New report on Teen pregnancy and early marriage

New research sheds light on girls’ lived realities and uncovers the root causes leading to teenage pregnancy and early marriage in three municipalities of Timor-Leste, while offering solutions for prevention.  

Our results last year
  • 9,000
    youth empowered with new skills, knowledge, confidence
  • 75 water
    points built or improved
  • 6,000
    children and teachers received Safe Schools training

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