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Protecting and educating children to improve their futures
See the impact of our work
Children washing their hands with clean water, Ethiopia

Supporting access to clean water in rural Ethiopia

Women and girls in most rural areas of Ethiopia spend hours fetching water. They travel long distances to collect water, which often isn't even clean or safe. This is taking a heavy toll on children, compromising their health, their welfare, and even their education. This short documentary film highlights our strong partnership with the Amhara Regional Water Resources Development Bureau and how we have supported the Lalibela community's access to clean water.

Plan International staff member wearing t-shirt reading 'End child marriage. Educate the girl. Make a difference.'

A Piece of Paper to Escape Early Marriage

This short documentary, filmed in the Shalo district of Lalibela in Ethiopia, shows how our partnership with Addis Development Vision (ADV) to eradicate gender-based violence and education exclusion, is having a positive impact on girls and young women in the community.

Village Savings & Loans Associations change lives

Plan International Ethiopia is committed to helping families improve their economic status, and works hard to enable communities to have access to schemes such as Village Savings & Loans Associations (VSLAs).

I can make my child “the happiest one”

"I can make my child happy"

Plan International Ethiopia is using its expertise to improve children’s start in life, working on both early childhood care and development, and on supporting quality primary education.

“Being a girls’ ambassador boosts my confidence”

Plan International Ethiopia is using its expertise to ensure that girls fulfil their full potential in education. Our Girls Empowerment through Education project encourages girls to become ambassadors in their schools.

Group of women attend Village Savings & Loans meeting in Addis Ababa

Empowering women through savings

Plan International Ethiopia works alongside partner organisation Hope for Children to empower women through savings groups.

Our results to date
  • 17,490
    people in the areas where we work gained access to safe water and better sanitation facilities.
  • 316
    households affected by flood and hailstorms received seed to restore their livelihoods
  • 1,996
    people were trained in school governance, child protection and how to tackle violence
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