Protecting children from violence in Ethiopia

Ensuring all children are shielded from violence in all its forms.

Children playing in a internally displaced persons camp in Ethiopia

Child protection, at every level, is one of our key priorities in Ethiopia. 

We work primarily with children, communities and government institutions at the community, district, and regional level where we work and focus on strengthening institutions to influence policies that work in the best interests of children.

Our skilled teams address the structural causes of violence against children, which is rooted in weak community and institutional structures and mechanisms to protect children.

Support for children

We also address barriers related to the improved economic and social status of women and children in Ethiopia, particularly girls. We use our expertise to ensure that children who experience violence have access to support, including psychosocial rehabilitation and re-integration.

We have raised awareness amongst more than 40,000 people on the value of girls’ education, the repercussions of harmful traditional practices including female genital mutilation, child marriage and sexual violence and the importance of promoting a safe environment for every child.

Our strong partnerships with community and religious leaders are integral to our work. Their positive influence helps abandon harmful practices and lead the way in long-lasting social change.