Education in Ethiopia

Improving quality and practices in early childhood care and primary education.

Children celebrate at new school in Nguenyyiel refugee camp

We are using our extensive expertise in education and child development to improve children’s start in life in Ethiopia.

Our skilled teams focus on major child development interventions such as parenting, the provision of home-based play, quality early childhood care at our dedicated centres, and children’s transition to primary school, improving the early-age stimulation of children aged 2 to 3 years.

We are also forming partnerships with key influencers to ensure the continuing evolution of the current national Early Childhood Care and Education policy. Our support for primary education supports improving the quality of education as per the national standard, as our experience proves that this eventually enhances the competency of the children who transit to the secondary education system.

1,996 people have been trained in school governance, child protection and the promotion of safety, learning styles, gender equality and children’s wellbeing, mentoring, model lesson preparation and gender-responsive pedagogy. At least 148,750 primary school children from 175 primary schools have so far benefited from the training.