Emergency response in Ethiopia

Assisting and protecting children in emergencies.

Community members receive seeds from Plan International

We are committed to supporting children affected by natural and human-induced crises, and to build the resilience of vulnerable families and their children.

For instance, we provide training on honey production and bee colony cultivation, and resources such as seeds after floods, which helps affected households restore their livelihoods after an emergency and provides nutrition to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition.

Water and sanitation management is a major part of our support around emergencies. In Ethiopia, we focus on ensuring that communities have the appropriate resources to deal with the incidence and prevalence of waterborn diseases.

We have partnered with 42 community members, community representatives and water committees in the Sahala district to provide training. These communities have access to over 78,900 sachets to treat water, as well as 200 water filter kits and chlorine. We have also partnered with communities to rebuild water points and roofs in affected areas, ensuring that their long-term future is more secure. This makes a significance difference in the lives of children in the affected areas.