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Yana, 33, is traveling with her dog Athena to Kraków in Poland after escaping the conflict in Ukraine

Plan International began operating in Poland in March 2022 to respond to the unprecedented scale of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and the associated needs of children and their families.  

Poland now hosts one of the largest refugee populations in the world. More than 6.8 million people have entered Poland through the Polish-Ukrainian border to seek asylum.

For the more than 1.5 million refugees remaining in Poland, savings are being depleted while they seek housing, food and meet other immediate needs. Social networks and services have been overwhelmed by the influx of refugees who need support to deal with the stress, separation and interruption to education they have experienced.  

By focusing on the key issues faced by the most vulnerable children, especially girls, among refugee and host communities, we are working where we can have the biggest impact. 

Our current priorities include:

  • Providing immediate and mid-to-long-term humanitarian assistance for Ukrainian refugees 
  • Ensuring the most vulnerable children have access to emotional support and quality education 
  • Preventing violence, exploitation and supporting children who are survivors of abuse 
  • Strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations and national institutions to respond to the needs of refugees and host communities.  

Our work in Poland is part of a regional response to the Ukraine crisis which also includes programmes in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania

Ukraine appeal

Children and families affected by conflict in Ukraine need your support.

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Marszalkowska Centre, 124-136,

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