Plan International EU in Women Deliver 2023

Plan International EU to join Women Deliver 2023 Conference.
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European Humanitarian Forum: a success that missed a few marks…

Plan International shares three key take-aways following the 2023 European Humanitarian Forum and the Education in Emergencies High Level Conference.
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What would make the European Humanitarian Forum a success?

On the occasion of the European Humanitarian Forum 2023, Dr Unni Krishnan, Plan International Global Humanitarian Director, shares three priorities that can make the Forum a success.
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Advocating for young women’s political participation

Plan International Global Young Influencer Inès shares her experience campaigning in Brussels.
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Supply chain changing the face of humanitarian aid

Could humanitarian supply chain be a big part of answering some of the sector's tough questions?
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Iran protests: world bears witness to young women’s strength…

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, we publish an interview on the country-wide demonstrations in Iran and the crackdown by authorities that continues to this day.
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The hunger crisis isn’t gender neutral; our response shouldn’t…

On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day 2022, Serap Altinisik, Plan International EU Head of Office, takes a look at the disproportional impact the hunger crisis has on girls, young women…
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The global hunger crisis – an intergenerational dialogue

Food is not a privilege. It is a human right, and it is time that it is seen and realised as one.
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An extraordinary moment for the world

After returning from Poland where she was deployed for 4 weeks, Anne-Marie McCarthy, Head of Partnership at Plan International EU, shares her thoughts in an informal blog.
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What we are about as humanitarian actors is very basic: save…

Interview with Paul O’Brien, Plan International Ireland National Director, following the European Humanitarian Forum.
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European Year of Youth: meaningful action or tokenistic gesture?…

The increased attention on youth on behalf of the EU must be applauded. It must also be monitored. There is only one question that matters: is the European Year of Youth a meaningful initiative…
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Can we “orange the world” of a humanitarian crisis?…

On the occasion of the 16 days of activism, the world turned orange to raise awareness on sexual gender-based violence (SGBV). Today, Human Rights Day marks its final day. Now what?
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