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Members of Plan International’s Girl Leadership Project

Brazil’s girls call for an end to violence

3 August 2016

As Brazil hosts the Olympic Games, girls from the country are raising their voices to shine a spotlight on and put an end to violence against girls and women.

ECU - Ecuadorian Girl Studying

Scholarships get Ecuador's children back to school

20 July 2016

In the 3 months since the Ecuador earthquake, Plan International has been helping thousands of students return to school and provided 500 scholarships to ensure children don't miss out on education.

Children are being marginalized as a result of the ongoing South Sudan Crisis

South Sudan violence deepens crisis for children

19 July 2016

Plan International is joining calls for a lasting solution in South Sudan to safeguard the lives of children put at risk by the recent outbreak of fighting.  

Child with physical impairment

Children with disabilities not protected from violence

16 June 2016

Plan International's new child protection study finds that children with disabilities are experiencing disturbing levels of violence.

Plan International sponsored children in Liberia

Hope after Ebola: Children look to the future

15 June 2016

At first glance, life has returned to normal in the Ebola-affected countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – but many challenges remain. To mark this year’s Day of the African Child, 16 June, this photo series looks at the impact of Ebola on children and how we are supporting them to rebuild their lives.

Taniya lives in a slum area of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Advancing children’s rights. Bringing equality for girls

13 June 2016

Plan International is setting out a new purpose to guide all the work we do. It will ensure we tackle the root causes of discrimination against girls, exclusion and vulnerability, and champion the rights of children.

Girl carrying water in Mahama refugee camp, Rwanda

Helping girls on the front line of disasters

22 May 2016

Plan International and girls from across the globe are highlighting the urgent needs of adolescent girls in disasters at the first World Humanitarian Summit taking place in Turkey.

Philippines: New law protects children in emergencies

19 May 2016

On 18 May the Children's Emergency Relief and Protection Act was signed into law in the Philippines. Plan International, together with other organisations, played crucial roles in the passage of the act, which aims to protect children in disasters and emergencies.

Girls outside a temporary learning centre in Nepal

Partnership will make global goals count for girls

17 May 2016

Plan International's new multi-partner global research project will measure progress for girls and women to ensure governments deliver on their development promises.