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Plan International Australia and Plan International Viet Nam worked with youth leaders to explore their needs, wants, fears, concerns and dreams for the ‘new normal’.

Girls take their vision for a ‘better normal’ post-COVID-19 to UN

5 August 2020

A ground-breaking international girl-led research project involving more than 1060 girls and young women from 99 countries has mapped out their visions of a better, more equitable and more peaceful post-pandemic world. 

We're working to support children and families in the wake of the Beirut explosion

Beirut explosion: we're on the ground assessing children's needs

5 August 2020

In wake of the huge explosion in Beirut on Tuesday evening, Plan International is working with partners in Lebanon to assess the damage and what support children, their families and communities need most urgently.

Feminist activist and medical student Razan will be celebrating the news that FGM has officially been criminalised in Sudan.

‘Historic milestone’ as Sudan criminalises FGM

17 July 2020

The criminalisation of FGM/C in Sudan is a “historic milestone” for girls’ rights and gender equality.

Diana, 21, receives care package from Plan International.

COVID-19: Lockdown linked to high number of unintended teen pregnancies in Kenya

25 June 2020

The wellbeing of thousands of girls in Kenya could be at risk with reports of huge numbers of unintended teen pregnancies since the start of COVID-19 lockdown.

Ammi, 12, has been able to return to school thanks to Plan International's support

Sahel crisis: Girls pushed to the brink by violence and trauma

18 June 2020

Plan International’s research reveals how the ongoing violence in Mali and Burkina Faso is having a devastating impact on girls’ education, survival and safety.

Angelina, 17, Mozambique feels under pressure to get married

Girls at risk as COVID-19 threatens to leave African children behind

16 June 2020

A whole generation of children in Africa is at risk of being left behind due to COVID-19 with girls likely to suffer the most.

Girls hold up their dignity kits provided by Plan International

Coronavirus is making periods worse for girls and women

28 May 2020

Severe shortages of products, a sharp rise in prices of pads and tampons, and lack of access to basic information and services about menstrual hygiene management is leaving girls and women worldwide struggling to manage their periods during COVID-19 lockdowns.  

Priscah, 22, wants no more unwanted teenage pregnancy

‘Shadow pandemic’ unfolding as girls’ health, rights and freedoms erode

27 May 2020

Millions at risk as sexual abuse, unintended pregnancies, child marriages spike under lockdown.

New World New Rules - art sale

Global artists come together to raise funds for girls affected by COVID-19

27 May 2020

30 influential artists have come together to  envision a new world with new rules for girls and women post-COVID 19.