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Selam, 10, from Damascus shortly after arriving at Tabanovce, Macedonia near the Serbian border

Help for children in refugee crisis

12 November 2015

Plan International is responding to the needs of child refugees in Germany. We’ve followed children as they cross cold and wet southern Europe to reach safety. 

Gender based violence

Stopping sexual violence in Nicaragua

10 November 2015

Through its Girl Power Project, Plan International is working with communities in Nicaragua to ensure girls and young women are protected from sexual violence.

Young mother and baby, Bangladesh

New evidence on child marriage causes and solutions

9 November 2015

Research from Plan International uncovers the factors leading to high levels of child marriage in Asia and what can be done to protect girls from early and forced marriages.

Nada learning in class at Plan International-supported school in Cairo

Schools' vital support for Syrian refugees

4 November 2015

Plan International is providing classes and school equipment for Syrian refugee children who have fled to Egpyt. This series of photos shows how we are helping children recover from the conflict and return to education.

Community members rebuilding a house

Nepal 6 months on: what has happened?

21 October 2015

In the 6 months since the Nepal earthquake, Plan International has provided vital support to children including those in remote communities, however significant needs still remain.

Girl advocates launching the 2015 State of the World's Girls report in Uganda

Celebrating Day of the Girl 2015

13 October 2015

A global movement to ensure all girls realise their rights has taken root, said Plan International’s CEO at celebrations to mark the International Day of the Girl on 11 October. 

Teenage mother with twin babies, Bangladesh

Girls say violence holds them back

7 October 2015

The lives of adolescent girls in developing countries hold more promise than in previous generations, but pervasive violence still holds them back, reveals research commissioned by Plan International.

Michelle Obama and girls campaigner Nurfahada on stage in New York

Michelle Obama and girls campaigner demand education

30 September 2015

Plan International’s girl advocate, Nurfahada, 16, from the Philippines, joined the First Lady of the United States on stage in New York to demand education for all teenage girls. 

Freida Pinto at a Plan International education project in Ethiopia

Freida Pinto leads World's Largest Lesson

28 September 2015

Plan International Global Ambassador Freida Pinto is fronting the World’s Largest Lesson. The event will be held in classrooms on every continent, reaching up to 550 million boys and girls.