What we do

We are relentless in driving change to advance children’s rights and equality for girls by working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners.

Quality education.

Quality Education

We promote free, equal access to quality education for all children – from early learning to secondary education.

Protection from violence.

Protection from violence

We work with communities, families, schools and governments to protect children from harm.

Youth empowerment.

Youth empowerment

We enable vulnerable children to understand and defend their rights and encourage them to join the girls’ rights movement.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights, SRHR.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

We increase access to quality sexual health services and eliminate harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and early and child marriage.

Early childhood development

Early childhood development

We help vulnerable and excluded children, particularly girls, grow up equally valued and cared for and free from discrimination.

Skills and decent work

Skills and work

We increase young people’s access to financial services, financial literacy and entrepreneurship and employment skills training.



We build communities’ resilience and support children’s right to dignity and protection before, during and after disasters and conflicts.