Image: 14-year-old Angam with two of her younger brothers. Photo credit: Plan International / Abdelazim Yousif.

Life-saving assistance for children, girls and young women

Plan International is profoundly concerned about the safety of girls, young women, and unaccompanied children, who are increasingly vulnerable to gender-based violence, exploitation, abuse and human trafficking.

UNICEF report there has been a 500% increase in cases of killing, sexual violence, and recruitment from a year ago. Support for survivors of gender-based violence and protection risk mitigation measures are needed, alongside psychosocial support. 

We are operating both in Sudan and in neighbouring countries, including Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.

With your donation we can reach even more children and young people with food, water, emergency items, medical treatment, education, protection services and psychosocial support.

“With school suspended due to the war, failing to go to school is becoming my greatest worry, threat and disappointment. Lack of school is quite affecting me, I am always feeling sad, upset and worried.

“I would have been in 6th grade by now, I would have achieved a lot, I was very excited to complete my studies and join any college or university .”

Halima, 12, Sudan
12-year-old Lena from Sudan sits in a tent with her friends.

We must not forget the children of Sudan

More than 8.6 million people have been forced to flee their homes since the onset of the conflict, with 6.4 million displaced internally.

More than 3 million children are displaced – making Sudan the world’s largest child displacement crisis.

As the Sudan crisis reaches it’s one year mark, we are concerned that the global attention for its continued impact is waning; we cannot let this become another forgotten emergency.

Image: 12-year-old Lena from Sudan sits in a tent with her friends. Photo credit: Plan International / Peter Caton

“Life here is harsh. We sleep on the ground. And we don’t study. We don’t know what the future will be like.

“I hope that the situation in the country stabilises that we return to our homes and schools and that peace prevails in the country.”

Angam, 14, Sudan

Alarming hunger levels and broken infrastructure

Millions of people – especially in conflict-affected parts of Khartoum, Darfur and Kordofan – lack access to water, shelter, electricity, education, health care and nutrition. 

Currently, one in every three people or 17.7 million people face acute hunger.

Two-thirds of the population now lack access to health care despite outbreaks of cholera, dengue, measles and malaria. Conflict has destroyed civilian infrastructure, bringing essential services to a standstill.  More than 70% of health facilities in conflict-affected areas are not functional.   

Image: 14-year-old Hiteta on truck that will transport her and her family to the Renk transit centre. Photo credit: Plan International / Peter Caton

Body Part, Finger, Hand

“Sadly, conflict shows up differently for women because it sees them fighting both personal and public wars. Personally, it’s the fight to protect their dignity and maintain their bodily autonomy with such threats as gender-based violence that leaves them vulnerable – disrupting their lives, robbing their safety and security and negatively affecting their access to empowerment, education and political participation.

“Publicly, they also have the burden of protecting their families, their children from these same threats and vulnerabilities…all while still ensuring there’s a roof over their heads, food on the table and access to healthcare when needed – whether pregnant or with newborns, whether facing malnutrition with increased food insecurity or disease outbreaks such as cholera, measles and malaria with the struggle to find clean water and proper sanitation.”

Mohammed Qazilbash Country Director, Plan International Sudan

To support the most vulnerable children affected by this emergency and to respond to the specific needs of girls and young women, find your donation office