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Putting girls’ rights at the top of the agenda at the United Nations in New York and Geneva

Plan International works to advance children’s rights and equality for girls and young women. We drive change in practice and policy at local, national and international levels, influencing decision-makers to advance and protect the rights of girls, boys and others.

Our work at the United Nations is key to delivering our global ambition of transforming the lives of millions of girls and dismantling structures of inequality and discrimination. While we advance the rights of all children and young people in all their diversity, we focus particularly on girls and young women and the specific vulnerabilities they face.

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Girls’ Rights Platform

Girls’ Rights are Human Rights:

Positioning girls’ rights at the heart of the international agenda

Plan International has developed the Girls’ Rights Platform to help NGOs, young activists, diplomats, UN agencies and academia bring girls from the margins to the centre of the international agenda. This platform offers a number of innovative tools, including the world’s most comprehensive human rights database, training tools for girls’ rights advocates and a UN debate tracker to hold States to account.

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