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Voices from the Lake Chad basin

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from the Lake Chad Basin

29 August 2018

A report on the experiences of adolescent girls caught up in the Lake Chad crisis, and how they respond to the challenges they are facing.

Including children with disabilities in preschool education

28 August 2018

This report recounts the experiences of a project focused on adapting existing community preschools in Mozambique to be disability-inclusive and includes a set of practical recommendations for action, useful for other countries and contexts. 

Climate change, girls and young women - research report

Climate change, young women and girls

21 August 2018

Vulnerability, impacts and adaptation in Northern Thailand. 

Early Childhood Development: An Annotated Bibliography

10 August 2018

This annotated bibliography seeks to update the knowledge base on early childhood development, gender socialisation and men's engagement. It provides a brief overview of the state of evidence on this important topic.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

6 August 2018

Plan International's policy position on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Girls summit is a hub for campaigners like these girls from Togo celebrating the 2017 #GirlsTakeover.

Our global approach to Programme and Influence

30 July 2018

The world is changing – and so are we. In 2017 Plan International adopted a new organisational purpose, theory of change and strategy that stretch our global ambition to contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. We have put gender equality and the persistent development challenges that girls are facing right at the heart of our organisational purpose.

Promoting youth livelihoods as a strategy for protecting Burundian refugee youth cover

Promoting youth livelihoods to protect Burundian refugee youth

6 July 2018

This case study describes an innovative youth livelihoods project that was implemented in Mahama refugee camp, Rwanda, to strengthen the resilience and protection of 400 young Burundian refugees between 18 and 30 years old.

Adolescent girls in Crisis: Voices of the Rohingya (cover)

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices of the Rohingya

20 June 2018

This report, the first to do so, focuses on the lives and experiences of the adolescent Rohingya girls living in refugee camps in Bangladesh since fleeing conflict in Myanmar.