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Child protection and resilience cover

Child protection and resilience

10 January 2020

This research in 2 informal urban settlements in Nairobi, Kenya, explores how adolescents perceive the risks in their community and the kinds of coping strategies they mobilise in order to manage and mitigate adversity and insecurity.

Measuring changes in social and gender norms cover

Measuring changes in social and gender norms

19 December 2019

This review identifies simple approaches to measuring changes in social and gender norms which can be implemented by development organisation staff with limited resources and specialist norms measurement expertise.

Youth activist Edie from Sydney

Reporting to Authorities

3 December 2019

Girls' and young women's experiences of reporting harassment to authorities.

Girls' rights in climate strategies cover

Girls' rights in climate strategies

3 December 2019

To understand what is being done to support girls in the climate crisis and to clarify what could be done, this research focuses on the extent to which national climate strategies protect and advance girls' rights. 

A Protection Crisis: testimonies from children, adolescents and young refugees and migrants from Venezuela cover

A Protection Crisis

4 November 2019

This report shares first-hand accounts from 17 Venezuelans, ranging in age from 10 to 54, who left their homes to escape the political and economic crisis in their home country.

Tein collecting water for her family in Cambodia

Climate Change: Focus on Girls and Young Women

12 September 2019

This paper sets out Plan International's policy position and recommendations on girls and climate change.

Programmed out cover

Programmed Out: The Gender Gap in Technology in Scandinavia

5 September 2019

Plan International, with support from Telenor, commissioned this report to identify existing evidence as to ‘what works’ to support girls and women into tech in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Gola was sold into child marriage

18+ Ending Child Marriage and Teen Pregnancy in Eastern and Southern Africa

20 August 2019

Despite global declines in the rates of child marriage, an estimated 1 in 5 women worldwide are married as children. According to UNICEF data, child, early and forced child marriage (CEFM) is most common in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite a steady decline in some countries in the region, the rates are still very high in many countries.