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About Plan International

11 January 2021

Find out at a glance who we are, what we do and how our work is advancing children's rights and equality for girls.

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OPEN Plan: December 2020

18 December 2020

This edition of OPENPlan offers a selection of studies spanning an array of areas from economic empowerment, the climate crisis and disaster risk reduction, sexual and reproductive health and rights and inclusive, quality education. 

Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programme Standards

26 November 2020

A suite of materials outlining Plan International's comprehensive sexuality education programme standards. These standards comprise a comprehensive, human rights-based, sex-positive, gender transformative and inclusive approach towards sex and relationships for children and young people, from early childhood to adulthood.

Impact of COVID-19 on youth in the Lake Chad region

11 November 2020

The crisis affecting the Lake Chad Basin is one of the most severe humanitarian emergencies in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic will further impact people living in humanitarian contexts with weak health systems. This report highlights the effects of the pandemic on young people. 

The Case for Holistic Investment in Girls

28 October 2020

In this report, Citi Global Insights and Plan International argue that a comprehensive and fully-costed series of interventions allowing economies to attain 100% upper secondary school completion rates for girls by 2030, could lift GDP in emerging economies by 10% on average compared to a business-as-usual scenario. 

Call For Law Reform

8 October 2020

The current law in Bangladesh that addresses child marriage is the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 2017 (CMRA) that repealed the earlier British law of 1929. The Act sets the minimum age of marriage for a male as 21 years and for a female as 18 years. CMRA criminalizes contracting, allowing, or solemnising of a child marriage. In 2018, the Child Marriage Restraint Rules (the Rules) had been also formulated providing details of the formation and responsibilities of the Child Marriage Prevention Committees, along with other functional details.

Cash and voucher assistance for adolescents

Cash and voucher assistance for adolescents

2 October 2020

During crises, the institutions, systems and community cohesion that normally support adolescent development break down. This report documents evidence and effective practices related to adolescent-focused programming from the child protection, health and education sectors that can be applied to the use of cash and voucher assistance programming for adolescents.

Cash transfer and child protection

Cash transfer and child protection

2 October 2020

This report assesses Plan International's Monetary Transfer and Child Protection Project in Central African Republic. It aims to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the programme, including implementation challenges and successes, benefits and associated risks for beneficiaries,and to identify priorities for continued capacity building.