Plan International Paraguay

Plan International has been present in Paraguay since 1994, working to achieve an equal and inclusive society, free of all forms of violence, especially against girls, adolescents and young women, through development programmes and projects, and responding to humanitarian crises.

The country has high levels of gender-based violence which results in increased rates of teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, early and forced marriages and unions, school dropouts and child labour. These problems profoundly affect girls, adolescents and young women, limiting their ability to make decisions and follow their ambitions.

Plan International Paraguay is committed to strengthening a society that guarantees the rights of children. We work so girls, boys, adolescents and young people have the knowledge and ability to exercise their rights to protection against violence, live in safe environments free of harmful practices, make autonomous decisions about their lives and express their needs in emergency and humanitarian response scenarios.

Our ambitions:

  • All girls in Paraguay lead their lives free of violence.
  • Contributing to the advancement of a more just and equal society where girls, adolescents and young women can fully develop and take the lead in their lives.

We work in development and emergency contexts to ensure that girls and young women can:

  • Live in safe communities
  • Make informed decisions about their sexual health
  • Access quality health services
  • Influence decision-making processes that affect them
  • Access training and get good jobs.
Brenda, 16, uses her mobile phone to learn from home

Adolescent book app

Quality health care information

Plan International Paraguay has worked alongside the Ministry of Health to provide adolescents with quality information about their health through their smart phones.

Where we work

Our address

Avda. Rca. Argentina esq. Ing. Albino Mernes. 

Edificio Corporativo VITRUM – 3° piso.

Asunción, Paraguay.


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Key contacts

  • Thiago Machado da Silva, Country Director, Plan International Paraguay
    Thiago Machado da Silva

    Country Director, Plan International Paraguay