Emergency response

We provide humanitarian response in emergency or conflict situations, aiming for children and adolescents to grow in resilient communities, where their rights and dignity are respected before, during, and after any emergency.

Emergencies can have devastating effects on the lives of children and adolescents. The structures and systems that typically protect and support their positive development are often damaged in an emergency.

Girls and boys often leave school, experience losses or separation from their families and friends, may engage in harmful child labour, or suffer sexual exploitation.

In an emergency or prolonged crisis, girls and boys not only face exposure to new threats, but existing harmful traditional practices may also worsen, such as early marriage or physical punishment.

We work to reduce the risks of disasters and conflicts. When these occur, we will respond to the needs of girls, boys, and young people with quality programmes and continue to support their recovery process.

Responding to the needs of girls and adolescents, who are among the most vulnerable when disasters occur, is a key focus of our work.

We collaborate with communities and local volunteers, strengthening their resilience and dignity, respecting their universal human values and humanitarian principles.