Plan International Paraguay country strategy

There are high levels of gender-based violence in the country, resulting in high rates of adolescent pregnancy, sexual abuse, marriages and forced and early unions, school dropouts and criadazgo (indentured child servants exploited for domestic labour). These issues affect girls, female adolescents and young women in particular, and affect their ability to make decisions and influence their lives.

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In light of these situations, Plan International Paraguay is committed to strengthening a society that ensures children’s rights. We will work to ensure that children, adolescents and youth have knowledge and skills on protection against violence, live in safe environments free from harmful practices, make their own decisions about their lives and express their needs in emergency and humanitarian response scenarios.

Our goal is to see All Girls Standing Strong Creating Global Change


All girls live in a Paraguay free from violence.


To contribute to building a more just and equitable society in which girls, female adolescents and young women have the opportunity to develop to their full potential and exert autonomy over their lives.

Download the country strategy summary:

Plan Int. Paraguay – Country Strategy Summary


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