Case Studies

Ukrainian teen refugees share images from home

Teenage girls now living in Romania share their memories from home, via the phones they use to keep in touch with friends and family.
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Young people are stamping out period stigma

On any given day, around 300 million people globally will have their periods. But all too often, this natural and healthy part of life is seen as shameful and dirty.
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The value of water for girls

Reflecting on the value of water in tackling COVID-19, keeping girls safe, helping children keep up with vital education despite the changing world.
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Tablet distribution helps Ukrainian children continue their…

We're working with the JRS to ensure Ukrainian children have uninterrupted access to safe, inclusive, quality education.
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Returning to school after fleeing conflict in Ukraine

As the number of children fleeing their homes in Ukraine grows by the day, conflict is disrupting the education of a whole generation of pupils.
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Hunger forces Guatemala’s girls and young women to search…

Hunger, and the lack of education and job opportunities which often cause it, are causing countless Guatemalans to leave their country in search of a better life abroad.
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Fathers develop positive family relationships in Uganda

Fathers’ clubs are supporting Ugandan men like father of 11, John, to discuss issues they face and become better parents and partners.
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Health and gender equality strengthened in 5 countries

We’re removing barriers to quality health services girls and young women face in Bangladesh, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria and Senegal to reduce maternal and child mortality.
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Early learning promotes gender equality in China

Preschool teachers in Shaanxi province are promoting gender equality through their work following training and guidance from Plan International.
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Imagine a better world…

Imagining a better world is a very human thing to do. We like to imagine a world without poverty or war, where everyone is equal and love conquers all.
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Families rebuild their lives in the wake of Typhoon Rai

The strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines last year has left survivors in desperate need of drinking water and food.
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Trapped on a roof for two days without food or water

17-year-old Ana and her family are among hundreds of thousands in Honduras who lost everything in floods caused by Hurricane Eta.
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