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Young campaigners take over Metro Trains in Melbourne to highlight safety issues.

Aneeka: I believe in the power of collective action

21 September 2018

Young activist Aneeka McNamara took over Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia last year to highlight the safety concerns of young women. The experience has convinced her of the importance and power of collective action in the fight for gender equality. 

  • Aneeka McNamara
    Youth Campaigner
Irene joins the call for funding for education in emergencies

How we helped secure $3 billion for the world’s most vulnerable girls

18 September 2018

Amanda Sussman, Head of Policy, Plan International Canada blogs about this huge success in bringing girls' rights to the top of the global agenda. 

  • Amanda Sussman
    Head of Policy, Plan International Canada
Tamsin Tara, 13, now lives in Coz's Bazar having fled violence in Myanmar

Rohingya crisis: why we must listen to girls

30 August 2018

Now that a year has passed since the start of the Rohingya crisis, we must look at the long-term needs of girls whose lives have been affected. And the only way to do this is by listening to girls themselves.

  • Country Director, Plan International Bangladesh
    Orla Murphy
    Country Director, Plan International Bangladesh
Girl advocates from across the globe spoke their truth at the Whistler Ministerial Meetings during G7 2018.

Girls spoke truth to power at G7 Whistler Meetings

28 August 2018

Young female advocates spoke truth to power at the G7 Whistler Meetings and helped secure a historic commitment to adolescent girls across the globe. It's no coincidence, blogs Natasha Harris-Harb. 

  • Natasha Harris-Harb
    UNGEI & Plan International summer associate
Larice arriving at school

All young people deserve to be safe - especially at school

10 August 2018

Whether at school, at home, in public spaces or online – all children and young people must feel and be safe. However, a simple walk to school, especially for girls and LGBTIQ+ young people, can pose a serious threat to their mental health and safety.

Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Chief Executive Officer, Plan International
Girl learns computer programming and coding in Ecuador through our partnership with Microsoft

How Digital Principles can help tackle gender inequality

17 July 2018

Technology can and should be used to further gender equality blogs Nora Lindstrom, Global Coordinator for Digital Development.

  • Nora Lindstrom
    Global Coordinator for Digital Development
Sophie from Uganda is a sexual and reproductive health and rights campaigner because family planning is a human right.

Family planning is a human right

5 July 2018

Plan International supports all girls and young women to make their own sexual and reproductive health choices. Because they have rich and complex lives. They have hopes and ambitions. And because it’s a human right.

  • Alexandra Rolland, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policy Advisor
    Alexandra Rolland
    Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policy Advisor
Members of the youth coalition in Indonesia

Ending child marriage in Asia. Let's make it happen!

26 June 2018

We can learn valuable lessons from Asia for emerging, innovative and effective ways to end child marriage, blogs Raša Sekulović, our Regional Head of Child Protection. 

  • Raša Sekulović
    Regional Head of Child Protection (Asia)
Yolande, girls' rights advocate at the African Girls' Summit in Brussels last year calling for sexual health education and an end to child marriage.

Yolande: Girls and their allies can help end child marriage

22 June 2018

Yolande, 25, a girls' rights advocate from Togo gives recommendations for ending child marriage ahead of her attendance at the second Girls Not Brides global conference.

  • Yolande Youga
    Youth Ambassador