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Girl holding up her birth certificate, Mali

Africa’s data revolution can bridge the gender gap

23 November 2015

Archaic systems for recording and analysing the major events in a person’s life are being rethought and revamped in a big way – and it’s going to have a huge impact on gender equality, blogs Plan International’s Nicoleta Panta.

Nicoleta Panta

Nicoleta Panta

Advocacy Manager, Count Every Child, Plan International Headquarters
Girls going to school, Guatemala

No more girl brides in Guatemala

19 November 2015

After 3 years of campaigning, girls in Guatemala finally have legal protection from becoming child brides, blogs Plan International’s Débora Cóbar.

Débora Cóbar

Débora Cóbar

Country Director, Plan International Guatemala
Jonathan Mitchell visits a cash-for-work road repairing proejct in Sindhupalchowk

Long-term solutions essential to Nepal's recovery

16 November 2015

A lot has been achieved in the 6 months since the Nepal earthquake but a long-term response is required to overcome the effects of the disaster, blogs Plan International’s Jonathan Mitchell.

Mr Jonathan Mitchell, Director of Programmes, Plan International

Jonathan Mitchell

Director of Programmes, Plan International Headquarters
Village Savings and Loan Association passbook

Youth savings groups transforming lives

9 November 2015

Plan International’s youth savings groups provide young people with the knowledge and skills they require to achieve long-term financial prosperity, blogs John Schiller.

Mr John Schiller, Global Advisor for Savings Groups, Plan International

John Schiller Schiller

Global Advisor for Savings Groups, Plan International USA
Girls at school in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Ebola-free but still in recovery

6 November 2015

As Sierra Leone prepares to be declared Ebola-free, a long-term response is required to overcome the effects of the outbreak, blogs Plan International's Casely Coleman.

Casely Coleman

Casely Coleman

Plan International Sierra Leone Country Director
Children from Bangladesh show off their birth certificates

My birthday wish: Universal Birth registration

29 October 2015

Every child must have their birth registered so they are able to access their fundamental rights, blogs Plan International’s Sophie Shugg.

Sophie Shugg

Senior Child Rights & Protection Advisor, Plan International Australia
Girls at school in Muzaffargarh District, Punjab

South Asia quake shows importance of safe schools

26 October 2015

Building safe schools and teaching children what to do in the event of a disaster can save numerous lives, blogs Plan International’s Rashid Javed.

Rashid Javed

Country Director, Plan International Pakistan

Building a better Nepal for children

24 October 2015

Six months after the Nepal earthquake and significant needs still remain as families face the onset of winter, blogs Plan International's Mattias Bryneson.

Mattias Bryneson

Country Director
Ms. Albrectsen meets a sponsored girl

We must act to transform girls’ lives

12 October 2015

Gender equality is essential to international development and can only be achieved by listening to the voices of girls, blogs Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen.

Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Anne-Brigitte Albrectsen

Chief Executive Officer, Plan International