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Child protection committees in Cameroon work to prevent child abuse

Global push for community-based protection

25 August 2015

Ahead of Plan International’s global consultation on community-based measures to protect children from violence, Global Advisor Nidhi Pundhir blogs about the importance of working with communities to keep children safe 

Nidhi Pundhir

Nidhi Pundhir

Global Advisor for Child Protection in Development, Plan International Headquarters
Learning to cut cloth in El Salvador's youth employment programme

Major step forward for youth employment

12 August 2015

The new Solutions for Youth Employment 5-year strategy is a step towards providing opportunities for young people who are out of work, blogs Plan International's Delores McLaughlin.

Delores McLaughlin

Delores McLaughlin

Senior Policy Advisor Economic Security, Plan International
Birth registration

10 years of counting every child

6 August 2015

As we mark 10 years of Plan International's Count Every Child initiative, much progress has been made, but there is still a long way to go, blogs Jonathan Mitchell.

Mr Jonathan Mitchell, Director of Programmes, Plan International

Jonathan Mitchell

Director of Programmes, Plan International Headquarters
Birth registration

Danger of an invisible generation in Nepal

11 July 2015

Children are in danger of growing up invisible as a result of not having their births registered following the Nepal earthquake, blogs Plan International's Nicoleta Panta on World Population Day, 11 July.

Nicoleta Panta

Nicoleta Panta

Advocacy Manager, Count Every Child, Plan International Headquarters
Nigel Chapman meeting children in one of Plan's child-friendly spaces in Nepal

Rebuilding Nepal starts with children and communities

10 June 2015

The rebuilding process following the Nepal earthquake offers the opportunity to strengthen more than just the country's buildings, blogs Plan International CEO Nigel Chapman.

Mr Nigel Chapman, Chief Executive Officer, Plan International

Nigel Chapman

Chief Executive Officer, Plan International Headquarters
Plan International logo

Liberia's daughters of war

6 June 2015

Plan International's Girl Power Project is helping Liberian women overcome some of the horrendous after-effects of the country's recent conflict blogs Jane Labous.

Ms Jane Labous

Jane Labous

Global Press Officer (Africa), Plan International Headquarters
Plan International logo

A tale of two earthquakes

3 June 2015

Plan International Head of Disaster Preparedness and Response Unni Krishnan compares the devastating Nepal earthquake with another recent earthquake in Kent, UK.

Dr Unni Krishnan, Head of Disaster Preparedness and Response, Plan International

Unni Krishnan

Head of Disaster Preparedness and Response, Plan International Headquarters
Two Boys

Doing digital birth registration the right way

26 May 2015

Plan International has put together a tool to identify and address risks to children in digital birth registration systems and show how digital technologies can support and strengthen birth registration systems, blogs Ed Duffus

Edward Duffus

Edward Duffus

Digital Birth Registration Project Manager, Plan International Headquarters
February 2015: A makeshift neighbourhood classroom in Moyamba, Sierra Leone

Rebuilding education after Ebola

3 April 2015

The education system in Sierra Leone needs help to be rebuilt and supported to encourage students to return to school after the Ebola outbreak, blogs Plan International Youth Advisory Panel member Kamanda.

Kamanda, Global Youth Advisory Panel (GYAP) member, Plan International

Kamanda Kamara

Global Youth Advisory Panel member