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No Child Should Be Forced Into Marriage

22 January 2016

All citizens must be given the opportunity to realise their rights and reach their potential - but this core pillar of development was set back last week in Pakistan when a bill to prohibit underage marriages was withdrawn from the National Assembly, blogs Rashid Javed, Plan International Pakistan Country Director.

Rashid Javed

Country Director, Plan International Pakistan
Selam, 10, from Damascus in Tabanovce, Macedonia

Refugees, migrants – or just humans?

18 December 2015

On International Migrants Day, Plan International’s Unni Krishnan blogs on the need for a coordinated and humane response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Dr Unni Krishnan, Head of Disaster Preparedness and Response, Plan International

Unni Krishnan

Head of Disaster Preparedness and Response, Plan International Headquarters
a volunteer collects data and community feedback through a tablet.

Mobile technology in emergencies – a lesson from Nepal

11 December 2015

In times of emergency, humanitarian organisations are relying on smart phones to collect, analyse and process data. Gone are the days of manual, paper-based data collection; mobile technology is proving to be the way forward.

Jessica Lomelin

Emergency Communications Specialist
Children with 'inclusive' written on blackboard

Leave no one behind: Listen to children with disabilities

3 December 2015

The voices of children with disabilities must be heard if we are to tackle the root causes of the discrimination they face, blogs Aidan Leavy on International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 

Aidan Leavy

Aidan Leavy

Inclusion Specialist, Plan International
Children planting trees as part of a Plan International climate change awareness lesson

Governments must not cop out of climate change deal

2 December 2015

Children understand that climate change is about their future and they are calling passionately on their leaders to take bold action to stem it, blogs Plan International’s Alison Wright.

  • Alison Wright
    Alison Wright
    Climate Change Policy Officer, Plan International
Gertrude, from Zambia, was 14 when she fell pregnant and got married at 15

Let’s unite to stop child marriage in Africa

27 November 2015

Plan International welcomes the African Union's first summit on child marriage, but it will take more than meetings and declarations on paper to eradicate this violation of children's rights, writes Roland Angerer

Mr Roland Angerer, Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Director, Plan International

Roland Angerer

Director, Plan International Eastern and Southern Africa​ Regional Office
Marinel, 18, Plan International Philippines Climate Change Youth Advocate

Climate change steals children’s futures

27 November 2015

Marinel, 18, Plan International Philippines Youth Advocate, speaks out on the impact changing climate has on children and young people. 

  • Marinel, 18, Plan International Philippines Climate Change Youth Advocate
    Plan International Philippines advocate
Girl holding up her birth certificate, Mali

Africa’s data revolution can bridge the gender gap

23 November 2015

Archaic systems for recording and analysing the major events in a person’s life are being rethought and revamped in a big way – and it’s going to have a huge impact on gender equality, blogs Plan International’s Nicoleta Panta.

Nicoleta Panta

Nicoleta Panta

Advocacy Manager, Count Every Child, Plan International Headquarters
Girls going to school, Guatemala

No more girl brides in Guatemala

19 November 2015

After 3 years of campaigning, girls in Guatemala finally have legal protection from becoming child brides, blogs Plan International’s Débora Cóbar.

Débora Cóbar

Débora Cóbar

Country Director, Plan International Guatemala