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Girl in Indonesia cycles through rice fields

Championing girls’ rights in 2021

5 January 2022

A review of the global challenges and the achievements in Plan International’s programming and influencing work in 2021. By Raj Nooyi, Interim CEO and Gunvor Kronman, Chair, Plan International.

  • Raj Nooyi appointed as interim CEO of Plan International
    Raj Nooyi
    Interim CEO
The all woman MOVE UP savings group meeting in Manila

Working with young people to adapt cities for climate resilience

27 October 2021

On World Cities Day we are reminded of the crucial importance of supporting children and young people, especially adolescent girls, where they are – in the cities and slums that are growing exponentially and at high risk of climate-related crises and disasters, blogs Louise Meincke, Urban Hub Manager. 

  • Louise Meincke
    Urban Hub Manager
Families in a temporary shelter in Amhara

No food, no sleep for children in northern Ethiopia

15 October 2021

Addressing the hunger crisis in northern Ethiopia should be a priority, says Dr Unni Krishnan, Global Humanitarian Director at girls’ rights organisation Plan International.

  • Dr Unni Krishnan, Global Humanitarian Director
    Unni Krishnan
    Global Humanitarian Director
Sixteen-year-old Joselyn's house was destroyed in the earthquake.

Haiti Earthquake one month on: responding to the needs of girls

14 September 2021

We must ensure earthquake recovery efforts respond to the needs of girls and young women.

  • Monroe Lacerte, Emergency Response Manager
    Monroe Lacerte
    Emergency Response Manager
Da, 6, and her father Somnith read a book together after school.

Why Men’s Engagement in Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development Matters

24 August 2021

Working with fathers and male caregivers to promote men’s engagement in childcare and the household is a vital part of Plan International's gender-transformative approach, blogs Nicole Rodger.

  • Nicole Rodger, Policy and Advocacy Lead, Early Childhood Development.
    Nicole Rodger
    Policy and Advocacy Lead, Early Childhood Development
A 7.2 magnitude earthquake has hit Haiti.

Haiti Earthquake: Put Children First

15 August 2021

A personal reflection from Dr Unni Krishnan, Plan International’s Global Humanitarian Director following the earthquake that hit Haiti.

  • Dr Unni Krishnan, Global Humanitarian Director
    Dr. Unni Krishnan
    Global Humanitarian Director
Plan International staff member talks to women at a food distribution point.

Safeguarding children during food crisis response in South Sudan

5 July 2021

Safeguarding children and young people is a vital part of crisis response. Child protection helpdesks at food distribution points can help keep children in Pibor safe, blogs Shreeram KC.

  • Shreeram KC
    Emergency Response Communications Specialist
Almost 6000 youth activists assembled this week to demand a power shift on decisions around girls' education. Artwork by @teenatona and Transform Education.

"We've had enough." Young activists call for education funding and real partnerships

9 June 2021

We demand that young people are meaningfully engaged with decision-makers and intergenerational dialogues on education, blogs Nnenna Onwuka of Transform Education.

  • Nnenna Onwuka of Transform Education
    Nnenna Onwuka
    Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Kadnok walks for a full day to reach food distributions every three months.

Girls, women and children bear the brunt of the food crisis in South Sudan

14 April 2021

More than half of South Sudan’s population will suffer acute food shortages this year according to UN predictions. Families say this year is the most severe period of hunger in living memory – with girls, young women and mothers the hardest hit.

  • KC Shreeram
    Emergency Response Communications Specialist, South Sudan