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Girls are mobilising for change across the Philippines.

We must not leave climate change for children to fix

10 December 2018

Young activists are speaking out about the urgency of reducing emissions. We must support them and put pressure on parties at COP24 to commit to tackling climate change, blogs Jess Cooke. 

  • Jess Cooke
    Resilience and Climate Change Policy Officer
Chamathya is an anti-gender-based violence campaigner from Sri Lanka

Play your part and challenge gender-based violence

28 November 2018

Youth activist Chamathya, 24, is an enthusiastic and dedicated gender equality and girls rights activist who wants to see a world free from violence, discrimination and harassment of girls and women.

  • Chamathya, 25, Sri Lanka
    Chamathya, 25
    Young Influencer
Facebook and other social networks must protect human rights.

Facebook auction shows tech must do more to protect girls’ rights

27 November 2018

Social networking sites like Facebook have a huge role to play in protecting human rights, blogs Susannah Birkwood.  

  • Susannah Birkwood
    Susannah Birkwood
    Press Officer
Girls’ freedom, voice, and agency online is under attack.

Girls' freedom online is under attack

21 November 2018

Compared to their male peers, girls online are facing more threats of sexual violence, more comments about their appearance and behaviour, and are more often told not to speak out and have an opinion. We need to reclaim the internet for girls, assert our experts, Leila Asrari and Nora Lindstrom. 

  • Leila Asrari and Nora Lindstrom on girls' freedom online
    Leila Asrari and Nora Lindstrom
    Policy and Advocacy Advisor and Global Lead on Digital Development
A young mother with her son in Kenya

Why family planning access is important for girls in Kenya

13 November 2018

Girls have the potential to transform societies if they get access to family planning services and information, blogs youth campaigner Caren as experts meet at the International Conference on Family Planning.

  • Caren, 24, Kenya
    Global youth activist
Faridah, 20, is working to make her city safer for girls in Kampala

Faridah: This time I fought back

31 October 2018

Girls can transform their lives once they learn about their rights and develop their confidence, says Faridah, a Safer Cities group leader from Kampala. If they're supported by city officials and leaders, they can also transform their cities. 

  • Faridah is working to make Kampala a safer city for girls
    Safer Cities Group Leader
#GirlsTakeover the chief of police in Indonesia on International Day of the Girl

Girls demand a new world on Day of the Girl

29 October 2018

Girls used the global day of #GirlsTakeover action to lobby for change in their communities and countries. Here's what they achieved this International Day of the Girl. 

  • #GirlsTakeover Expert, Philip Gonzalo Taylor
    Philip Gonzalo Taylor
    Campaigns Officer
Seema*, 14, takes part in training organised by the Safer Cities programme

Only by changing male behaviour can we make our cities safer for girls

16 October 2018

We're working with men and boys to improve their attitudes and make them allies to city girls' safety, blogs Plan International CEO, Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen. 

Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Chief Executive Officer, Plan International
Youth activist Lauren, 16, stands outside Central Station - an area where she feels unsafe in Sydney.

Girls must seize the moment and claim their cities

15 October 2018

Women and girls need to plan with the city and not be planned for, blogs Dr Ellie Cosgrave, Director of the City Leadership Lab, University College London. 

  • Ellie Cosgrave supports Plan International's Safer Cities Programming
    Dr Ellie Cosgrave
    Director of the City Leadership Lab, University College London