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Youth activist Charity with Director of Radio Timveni, Charles Kululanga

How to step up fight against child marriage

2 May 2018

Campaigners and stakeholders are celebrating news that instances of child marriage are decreasing globally. But our 18+ programme provides recommendations for making global efforts to end the practice more effective.

  • Lazarus Mwale
    Regional Programme Manager 18+ Ending Child Marriage in East & Southern Africa

Don't let tech leave girls behind

12 April 2018

If girls and women don't get involved in creating the future of tech, they risk being left behind, blogs Global Coordinator for Digital Development, Nora Lindstrom.

  • Nora Lindstrom
    Global Coordinator for Digital Development
Sabuka is a teenage Rohingya refugee.

Rohingya girls are living in a grim purgatory

26 March 2018

For every one of the almost one million Rohingya people living in camps in camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, life is an incomprehensible struggle. And girls have it worst, blogs Susanne Legena, Acting CEO, Plan International Australia.

  • CEO, Plan International Australia, Susanne Legena
    Susanne Legena
    Acting CEO, Plan International Australia
Neetika from Nepal took over her radio station to speak about girls' issues.

Rural girls' voices must be heard!

16 March 2018

Radio is vital for girls in rural areas of Nepal. Neetika, 17, blogs for us about the day she hosted her own show to ensure that as well as listening, girls' voices are also heard.

  • Neetika from Nepal took over her radio station to speak about girls' issues.
    Youth Ambassador for Plan International Nepal
Youth Ambassadors from Hanoi flew to Kuala Lumpur to participate in the World Urban Forum

Girls hold the solutions for safety in cities

8 March 2018

Community leaders and city planners must listen to girls if they want to build safe cities for all, suggest Lan and Linh, 16-year-old youth ambassadors from Hanoi.

  • Youth Ambassadors from Hanoi at WUF9
    Linh and Lan, both 16, Hanoi.
    Youth Ambassadors for Safer Cities for Girls
The Safer Cities for Girls team, including Linh (right) and Lan (second from left), holding the signed pledge.

Cities for Girls = Cities for All

23 February 2018

The 9th World Urban Forum provided a platform for girls to share their concerns and recommendations for making cities safer and more inclusive, blogs Alana Livesey.

  • Alana Livesey, Global Programme and Advocacy Manager, Safer Cities for Girls
    Alana Livesey
    Global Programme and Advocacy Manager, Safer Cities for Girls
Faridah, 18, from Uganda

Tackling violence against girls - wherever it happens

12 February 2018

Violence against girls is rife, right across the world. However, in the coming months we must take advantage of key opportunities to keep girls safe, writes Plan International’s Leila Asrari.

  • Leila Asrari
    Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Plan International
Chonda, 15, on her way to school in Bangladesh

Building the platform for girls’ rights

8 February 2018

"Girls’ Rights are Human Rights, right? Everyone knows that. So why do we need to make a case for girls? What makes them special?" Plan International CEO, Anne-Brigitte Albrectsen lays out the facts in this blog supporting the launch of our latest research and the Girls' Rights Platform.

Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Chief Executive Officer, Plan International
Nataly speaking at the National Assembly of Ecuador

Girls' Rights Wins of 2017

13 December 2017

2017 has been an eventful year. Plan International's #GirlsTakeover expert, Philip Gonzalo Taylor, runs through the huge girls' rights victories that have come about as a result of global action for girls, by girls.

  • #GirlsTakeover Expert, Philip Gonzalo-Taylor
    Philip Gonzalo-Taylor
    Because I am a Girl Communications Assistant