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Girls in Zambia have been learning to save money through the Banking on Change programme.

Finding a formula for youth economic empowerment

26 July 2016

Plan International’s Banking on Change programme shows how providing girls and young women with savings skills doesn't just produce financial rewards, blogs Plan International’s John Schiller.

Mr John Schiller, Global Advisor for Savings Groups, Plan International

John Schiller

Global Advisor for Savings Groups, Plan International USA

Education: the foundation for economic and social growth

12 July 2016

One of the best ways to tackle youth unemployment and to support economic and social growth is through education. This needs to go beyond the classroom and include long-term learning that focuses on skills development and growth, blogs Plan International's John Barrett Trew


John Trew

Youth Employment Specialist, Plan International in Asia
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Next UN leader must prioritise rights for girls

12 July 2016

The next UN Secretary-General will face many challenges. To deliver on the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals and boost prosperity worldwide, they will have to commit to realising far-reaching changes for girls.

  • Andrew Small
    Andrew Small
    Advocacy and Campaigns Officer, Plan International
The hands of youth delegates at the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul

We must strive for unity and listen to youth

24 June 2016

It is vital we do all we can to overcome division, following the British referendum. In particular, we must listen to children and young people and stand up for those who are excluded and denied their rights, writes Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen.

Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Anne-Brigitte Albrectsen

Chief Executive Officer, Plan International
Three girls in El Salvador

Girls campaign against fear in El Salvador

6 June 2016

Girls are powerful agents of change and must play a leading role in bringing an end to violence, blogs Vicky, a 19-year-old girl advocate from El Salvador.

  • Vicky
    Girl Advocate, El Salvador
Len (19) cooks at a five star hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where she works as a full time cook

Forging partnerships to strengthen youth employment in ASEAN

22 May 2016

In Asia, we have the ability to sustain economic growth and create meaningful jobs for young people through increased collaboration and participation from all sectors: government, civil society and the private sector, blogs Mark Pierce, Regional Director for Plan International in Asia.

  • Mark Pierce
    Former Asia Regional Director, Plan International
Girl standing in front of collapsed house in Nepal

Girls: The invisible faces of conflicts and disasters

19 May 2016

Girls are among the most affected during crises and disasters. In the discussions taking place at the World Humanitarian Summit, we must ensure girls are not left behind, writes Plan International’s Alison Wright.

  • Alison Wright
    Alison Wright
    Humanitarian Policy Manager, Plan International
Girl campaigning in Uganda

Speed up change to improve girls’ lives

16 May 2016

Making all girls visible in statistics is a critical first step towards holding governments to account and implementing the girl-focused global goals, writes Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen.

Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Anne-Brigitte Albrectsen

Chief Executive Officer, Plan International
Children at water distribution in Dorolaba, Lalibela district

Communities in Ethiopia surviving despite El Niño drought

13 May 2016

Food and water distributions are helping communities survive despite El Niño-caused droughts but long-term needs remain, blogs Plan International’s Jonathan Mitchell.

Mr Jonathan Mitchell, Director of Programmes, Plan International

Jonathan Mitchell

Director of Programmes, Plan International Headquarters