How we work

We have worked with children, young people and communities for more than 85 years and are committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of the most vulnerable and excluded children while supporting children’s rights and gender equality.

We aim not only to improve the daily lives of girls but also to advance their position and value in society, whilst actively working with boys and young men to champion gender equality.

We believe in advancing children’s rights in all contexts, including during conflict and emergencies, where girls are faced with additional dangers.

Our programmes deliver lasting change against discriminatory norms, policies and laws. We listen to the voices of children in the community, especially girls whose views and needs are frequently overlooked, to ensure that our work is relevant and effective.

We work to strengthen the capacities of governments and encourage them to meet their obligations towards child protection and fulfilling children’s rights. We form effective partnerships to address the systemic and structural causes of child rights violations and inequality, and support other humanitarian groups in order to extend our reach beyond the communities we work in.

We embolden young people to become active drivers of change by educating them on their rights and supporting their activism.

Our work is:

  • Gender transformative
  • Rights-based
  • Active in all contexts,
  • Active at all levels – from local to global
  • Achieved in partnership with other groups
  • Accountable to children and communities where we work, and to our partners, and informed by children’s voices, especially girls
How we work - programmes and influencing.

programmes and influencing

The world is changing – and so are we. We have put gender equality and the persistent developmental challenges that girls are facing right at the heart of our organisational purpose.

How we work - in partnerships with corporates, progammatic patners and donors.


We believe that our vision can be achieved even more effectively by working with others. Working with programmatic partners, corporates and donors means we combine expertise to advance children’s rights and equality for girls.

How we work - digital development.

digital development

We apply technology for social, economic and political development with a focus on supporting the most vulnerable children, especially girls.

How we work - we embrace experimentation to develop bold approaches for children, especially girls.


Embracing experimentation and risk to develop innovative and bold approaches, products and services.

How we work - gender lens investing.

Gender lens Investing

Working with entrepreneurs to drive gender equality. With more than 80 years’ experience working alongside communities in developing countries, Plan International is bringing its gender expertise, strong local partnerships and broad geographic presence to the gender lens investing market.