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Plan International has been operating in Fiji since 2021. We work together with children, young people, supporters and partners to strive for a just world where we are all equal.

Fiji is among the countries worst affected by natural disasters and the effects of climate change, which cause mass displacement. In addition, 1 in 10 people lack access to a basic water supply and sanitation resulting in water borne diseases which are a significant cause of death for children under 5. Gender-based violence is also prevalent in Fiji with 64% of girls and women experiencing intimate partner violence.

We collaborate closely with local partners to support communities to increase their resilience to disasters and tackle the effects of climate change. 

Our work also improves access to clean water and sanitation, and promotes good hygiene practices. We build the capacity for inclusive and localised disaster response management, which elevates the voices of girls, young people and people with disabilities. 

Our work in Fiji is funded by Australian Aid under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as USAID under the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance. 

Our priorities include:

  • Working with communities to build their capacity to plan for and respond to disasters and the effects of climate change.
  • Collaborating with communities, schools and health clinics to improve access to sanitation and health and improve behaviours around hygiene.
  • Tackling attitudes and barriers that cause violence against girls and women and hold them back from having a say in their futures.
  • Enabling young people, especially girls and people with disabilities to meaningfully participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives.
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Where we work

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Partners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF) Office,

8 Denison Road,


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