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Advancing children's rights and equality for girls in over 75 countries
Girls’ freedom, voice, and agency online is under attack.
Girls' freedom online is under attack
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"We need to reclaim the internet for girls."

Many girls from Zimbabwe said they feel responsible for avoiding violence, by dressing appropriately and being submissive.
What is gender-based violence?
The issues
Girls Get Equal is about girls not holding back because of what stereotypes dictate
Girls Get Equal: A movement for everyone
Gola* from South Sudan was sold into child marriage
Child marriage Facebook auction reminiscent of slave markets
Samikshya has issues with her mobility but she won't let it hold her back.
Strength in diversity: ambitions of children with disabilities
How many girls who use the internet every day report having been harassed online?
1 in 10
4 in 10
7 in 10