Gaza and Israel: A ceasefire is the first step to give children…

Plan International’s Global Humanitarian Director calls for compassion and ceasefire, to prevent the death of more innocent children.
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Struggle and resilience of people fleeing violence in Sudan

In South Sudan, civilians who have fled conflict in Sudan struggle to pursue a better future, writes Omar Sabry, Deployable Humanitarian Policy & Advocacy Specialist.
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Breaking Barriers: empowering adolescent girls through SRHR

A discussion on the critical importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights to achieving equality, between Tiwonge from Zambia and Stephen Omollo.
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Fund feminist activists, open spaces to youth and let girls…

Youth activist Thuba gives her reflections on UNGA78 and advice on how to include youth and girl activists to achieve the 2030 agenda.
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The SDGs are failing girls – it’s time to act

We urgently need action and investment towards gender equality, education and the environment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
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World must take action for Haiti

This World Humanitarian Day, Anaëlle Canez reaches out for urgent support to prevent Haiti reaching the point of no return. 
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How can young people claim Equal Power Now?

This International Youth Day, Nyasha and Keiver ask Plan International CEO, Stephen Omollo, how they can claim Equal Power Now!
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The world must wake up to hidden refugee crises

Stephen Omollo, CEO, and Enzo Mauro Tabet Cruz, Forced Displacement Advisor discuss the hidden refugee crises that affect girls' lives.
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Cash helps girls rebuild their lives

We have scaled up our cash and voucher assistance programming to respond to the growing hunger crisis.
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Protection of children must be priority in war and conflict…

Global Humanitarian Director Dr Unni Krishnan implores donors to commit resources to address child protection and support in war and conflict settings.
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“I am afraid of the unpredictable future we are facing.”…

Emergency Response Coordinator, Alaa Abusifian, shares what life is like for those trying to survive in Sudan, a country torn apart by violence.
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Ukraine war exacerbates vulnerability of girls and women

How we're working with partners to prioritise the specific challenges facing girls, young women, and youth in all their diversity.
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