100 Million Reasons

Plan International’s Global Strategy 2017-2022

We want to fulfil the promise of the 2030 Global Goals and strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

Our strategy is to work with vulnerable children and especially girls so that they can learn, lead, decide and thrive. Within the strategy we have an ambition to transform the lives of 100 million girls. Child sponsorship and grassroots community work are central to our strategy and achieving this ambition.

Over the next 5 years, we will:

Deliver greater impact for vulnerable children, especially girls

Impact for vulnerable children gif

To realise our ambition, we will focus on specific areas where we can achieve the greatest transformations.

We will:

  • respond to local contexts and global trends
  • work where violations of children’s rights and inequality for girls are the greatest
  • be accountable to those we work with and transparent in how we operate
  • develop innovative new ways of seeking and directing funds that will have the greatest impact

Lead on girls’ rights

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All over the world, girls suffer discrimination in education, health, work and family life. The Sustainable Development Goals cannot be realised without a specific focus on achieving gender equality.

We will:

  • work with men, women, boys and girls everywhere to advance the girls’ rights movement
  • pursue deep-rooted change to achieve our ambition for girls
  • extend our reach and become the world’s leading girls’ rights organisation

Transform girls’ lives

Transform girls' lives gif

All our programmes will focus on transforming girls’ lives so that they are able to learn, lead, decide and thrive.

We will:

  • be led by children and girls
  • transform attitudes and behaviours that deny girls their rights
  • ensure that 100% of our programmes focus on significantly advancing gender equality by tackling the root causes of discrimination

Leave no one behind

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In this rapidly-changing world, disadvantaged children face increasing marginalisation. All our work will focus on reaching vulnerable and excluded children, particularly girls, where their rights are most violated. Children are living on city streets, in slums and in villages, or migrating to seek safety, opportunity or shelter. We must be where they are and enable them to realise their rights.

We will:

  • increase our work in fragile and conflict-affected states
  • ensure our programmes and influencing advance children’s rights in both the Global North and South
  • adapt to new challenges presented by the changing global landscape, remaining relevant to ensure that no child is left behind

Deepen partnerships

Deepen partnerships gif

To achieve our ambition, we will build upon existing partnerships and seek out new opportunities for collaboration, in order to expand our reach and grow the girls’ rights movement.

We will:

  • work through local organisations and movements, building capacity and strengthening communities’ own influencing
  • collaborate through local, regional, national and global partnerships, working with the private sector, international institutions and other organisations who share our goals
  • engage through a global network of offices, partnerships, programmes and influence reaching across at least 100 countries to transform children’s lives.

Influence greater change at local and global levels 

Plan International's strategy: We will influence greater change at local and global levers

To transform the lives of children and girls, we will strengthen our influence at all levels: from communities to global organisations. We will use knowledge gained through our work to push for better solutions to poverty and real progress in gender equality.

We will:

  • influence policy changes that reinforce the Learn, Lead, Decide and Thrive outcomes we seek
  • support communities to hold governments accountable for their promises
  • collaborate with others to influence for policy changes and investments that advance children’s rights and equality for girls