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Improving the lives of over half a million people in Cusco, Piura and Lima
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Sponsored child from Peru.

A sponsor, a friend

Since Alexander became a sponsored child, one of the most important parts of his life has been the bond he has built with his sponsor.

Closing ceremony of the School Remedial Course in the district of Ancahuasi, Cusco

Piura: authorities, leaders and students of 4 districts trained in disaster risk management

Participants improved their capacity to implement risk management plans in their communities in order to reduce the impact of natural disasters such as El Niño Phenomenon and have the ability to provide a timely response.

Luis Evert: a story of perseverance and success

As part of Plan International Peru’s drive to ensure a healthy economic future for young people, we are creating learning opportunities to strengthen young people’s entrepreneurial skills. 

Perú-Graduation from extreme poverty

Plan International and IPA presented successful strategy for fighting poverty

A new study performed in six countries, among them Peru, showed that an intervention with an multi-dimensional approach addressed at the population in extreme poverty incremented their productive assets, their income and registered improvements in health indicators.


Roselvi: a leadership testimony

In Peru’s rural areas, children and teenagers’ ideas are often undervalued by adults.

Peru-radio broadcasting

Educating with a radio

In 2012, school authorities and Plan International worked together to design and implement the project “Educating with a radio”. 

Peru-Katherine-a brave entrepreneur

Katherine, a brave entrepreneur

Katherine is a charismatic young girl with a lot of drive and desires to move forward in life. She lives in a community in Piura (Peru) with her parents and four brothers.

Farmers in Cusco make developments on their own

In Cusco, a group of farmers discover that breeding Cuyes was a great business opportunity. Through the GSAN Project by Plan International, they learn new techniques which allowed them to breed better Cuyes.

Organic farming as a family business

Carmen Ticse and her family saw a business opportunity when the organic farming was gaining territory in restaurants. Through the Food Governability in Andes Región Project, Carmen and her family were able to learn techniques that help her to grow her own garden.

Our results to date
  • 1,478
    education and community centres for young children have been constructed and equipped
  • 3,149
    leaders trained on disaster management
  • 10,000
    poor and extremely poor adolescents and young people completed vocational training

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