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Improving the lives of over half a million people in Cusco, Piura, Cajamarca and Lima
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Luis Evert: a story of perseverance and success

As part of Plan International Peru’s drive to ensure a healthy economic future for young people, we are creating learning opportunities to strengthen young peole’s entrepreneurial skills. These people have accessed technical studies in metalwork, welding, crafts, cosmetics and heavy machinery, in order to enter the labour market under better conditions, with other groups learning husbandry and weaving skills.

Perú-Graduation from extreme poverty

Plan International and IPA presented successful strategy for fighting poverty

A new study performed in six countries, among them Peru, showed that an intervention with an multi-dimensional approach addressed at the population in extreme poverty (approximately a thousand million people who live with less than $1,25 per day) incremented their productive assets, their income and registered improvements in health indicators. This intervention is known as “Model of Graduation from Extreme Poverty”, and it was implemented in Peru by Plan International, benefiting 2,284 ultra-poor homes of Cusco.

Peru-Youth Advisory Council

Teenagers from Tambogrande (Peru) get 17.700 US dollars for social project

We aim to establish mechanisms that permit the inclusion of the poorest people in the economy, building conditions that allow them to escape poverty and extreme poverty. So far we have enabled around 1,200 poor and extremely poor adolescents and young people who did not have access to formal education, particularly young women, to develop personal and social skills such as self-esteem, self-confidence, rights, responsibilities, perseverance, savings, planning, budgets, taking advantage of information and opportunities.


Roselvi: a leadership testimony

In Peru’s rural areas, children and teenagers’ ideas are often undervalued by adults. This situation is especially difficult for girls, and Plan International Peru is committed to ensuring that girls have a way to improve their participation in communities.

Our scheme ‘Children and teenagers exercising their citizenship’ works in collaboration with girls to develop their social and organisational skills, so that they can better participate in the issues that affect them.

Peru-radio broadcasting

Educating with a radio

The school “San Juan Bautista”, located in Cusco, has a little over 120 students, counting both boys and girls. Most of them have Quechua, one of Peru’s national languages, as their maternal language. However, the contents they are exposed to, ranging from TV and radio shows to information issued by local authorities, are in Spanish.

Peru-Katherine-a brave entrepreneur

Katherine, a brave entrepreneur

Katherine is a charismatic young girl with a lot of drive and desires to move forward in life. She lives in a community in Piura (Peru) with her parents and four bothers.

The biggest barrier affecting families in her community is extreme poverty. The inhabitants of “Progreso Bajo” do not have access to potable water, and the distance between this community and Piura (the main city) is restricted: there is only one bus which passes by the community twice a day, limiting people’s opportunities.

Our results to date
  • 12
    education and community centres for young children have been constructed and equipped
  • 150
    leaders trained on disaster management
  • 1,200
    poor and extremely poor adolescents and young people completed vocational training
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