The State of the World’s Girls

The State of the World Girls is a series of research reports released every year for the International Day of the Girl.

This research series seeks to raise the voices of girls and young women across the globe. Each report celebrates the power and potential of girls while highlighting the barriers they face.

The State of the World’s Girls reports have supported two strategic campaigns – Because I am a Girl (2012 – 2017), and Girls Get Equal (2017- present).

Each year the research is informed by adolescent girls and youth activists, in all their diversity, across the globe. This ensures the campaign is evidence-based and focuses on the issues that matter most to girls and young women.

The series is an organisation-wide effort to energise the global girls’ rights movements, drive forward the girls’ rights agenda and maximise impact against our global advocacy strategy.

Turning the World Around

Girl and young women activists leading the fight for equality!

The State of the World’s Girls in 2023.

Insight from over 1000 participants into what it’s like to be an adolescent girl or young woman activist leading the fight for equality today.