Girls Get Equal

Girls everywhere are undervalued, undermined and underestimated. But we’re calling time on inequality.

We are done with being silenced and ignored. 

With every action we take we are creating a new world, with new rules. 

Where we have power in all decisions affecting our lives. Where we are safe to speak up without fear and harassment. Where the world stops promoting stereotypes. 

This is a movement for us all. Are you with us?

About Girls Get Equal

Girls Get Equal is the global campaign demanding power, freedom and representation for girls and young women

It’s about ensuring every girl and young woman has power over her own life and can shape the world around her. A world free from discrimination, harassment and violence.

Imagine a world where you see and hear girls equally in the corridors of power, at decision-making tables, in boardrooms, in the media.

Imagine a world that values girls, and where girls value themselves. 

Girls Get Equal is campaigning in support of girls’ power, voice, participation and leadership.

The girls’ rights movement is changing our world but girls can’t achieve equality alone, they need allies. They need you.

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