Unlock the Power of Girls Now

Why gender equality is THE social and political issue of our time

Unlock the Power of Girls Now - cover (State of the World's Girls 2017).

‘Unlock the power of girls now‘ has been built from research gathered over the last decade. By carefully listening to young people, in particular, adolescent girls, the report reveals that girls still face discrimination and violence despite laws, policies and global targets put into place to advance change.

This is why gender equality must be the social and political issue of our time.

Girls cannot do it alone

Everyone must acknowledge the injustices girls face and take action to make lasting change. We must form powerful partnerships; not least with girls themselves, whose ideas and opinions matter most.

Only by acting collectively can we build a social movement for real change – a gigantic step towards delivering on all the promises of the Global Goals.

The #GirlsGetEqual campaign supports everyday actions by girls and their allies to achieve gender equality.

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