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Cover for Plan worldwide annual review and accounts 2010

Plan Worldwide Annual review and Combined Financial Statements 2010


The review sets out Plan's progress towards our vision and mission between July 2009 and June 2010. Protecting millions of children across the world from violence in schools and ensuring that Haitian children were heard in the country's earthquake recovery process are among the highlights in Plan International's Worldwide annual review and accounts 2010.

Plan’s income stood at €535,000,000 - a rise of 14% on last year - while expenditure on programmes rose to €367,000,000.

Highlights in 2010 include:

  • Celebrating 2 years of Plan's Learn Without Fear campaign, which has protected over 390,000,000 children from violence with new legislation
  • Helping to ensure children's voices were heard in the Haiti earthquake recovery process
  • Training more than 450,000 people in skills ranging from education to child protection
  • Launching a global, long-term partnership with NIVEA, the flagship brand of Beiersdorf, to give socially disadvantaged children and youth a better future through education.
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