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Cover for_Plan International Worldwide Annual Review and Combined Financial Statements 2014

Plan International Worldwide Annual Review and Combined Financial Statements 2014


Plan International's vision is of a world in which all children realise their full potential, in societies that respect people’s rights and dignity. This review outlines our work to achieve that vision in 2014.

Executive Summary

Early childhood care and development

We invested €98,114,000 in early childhood care and development.

Programmes included:

  •  289,437 professional and volunteer health workers trained
  •  10,758 health and ECCD centres constructed or improved

Disaster risk management

We invested €91,214,000 in disaster work.

Programmes included:

  •  44 disaster response programmes carried out
  •  40 countries mounted child protection in emergencies interventions


We invested €82,753,000 in education.

Programmes included:

  •  104,231 professional and volunteer education workers trained
  •  2,454 schools constructed or rehabilitated

Child participation

We invested €65,440,000 in child participation.

Programmes included:

  •  74% of Plan programme countries ran birth registration projects
  •  48 Plan countries supported youth groups and organisations

Economic security

We invested €51,076,000 in economic security.

Programmes included:

  •  135,762 people trained in business and vocational skills
  •  64,280 local savings groups supported, reaching 1,142,720 members

Water and sanitation

We invested €42,435,000 in water and sanitation.

Programmes included:

  •  835,207 households supported to improve their sanitation facilities
  •  4,112 water points constructed or improved

Child protection

We invested €39,051,000 in child protection.

Programmes included:

  •  58,008 members of staff of partner organisations trained
  •  214,747 community members trained

Sexual and reproductive health

We invested €21,249,000 in sexual and reproductive health.

Programmes included:

  •  32 countries run HIV/Aids prevention and care programmes
  •  72% of programme countries supported sex and life-skills education