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Our supreme governing body is our Members’ Assembly, made up of delegates from the governing bodies of our 20 National Organisations.

(Information updated September 2020)

We are a not for profit corporation registered in the State of New York, U.S.A. Our constitutional documents include our Certificate of Incorporation (PDF 1.49 MB) and our By-laws (PDF 254.84 KB), which set out the roles and responsibilities of our governing bodies. We also have a Conflicts of Interest Policy (PDF 216 KB) to manage potential and actual conflicts of interest.

Our registered office is located on the 15th floor, 228 East 45th Street, New York NY 10017, U.S.A. 

Members' Assembly

Our supreme governing body is our Members’ Assembly, made up of delegates from the governing bodies of our 20 National Organisations. It decides on our Global Strategy, annual budget, financial statements and Global Policies. It also elects our International Board members. It is chaired by Joshua Liswood, who also chairs the International Board. 

The Members’ Assembly has two committees: the Audit and Compliance Committee (Andreas Buerge (Chair), Patsy Anderson, and Ann O'Brien) and the Nominating and Governance Committee (Julie Hamblin (Chair), Ranjan Chak, Olivier Lefebvre, Kazuyuki Mori and Carol Peasley). 

International Board

Our International Board, responsible for overseeing management of our affairs, is comprised of up to 11 individuals, 7 of whom must also sit on the governing bodies of National Organisations. The Board has responsibility to oversee the management of Plan International, Inc. by the Leadership Team.

The Board has two standing committees: the Financial Audit Committee and the Programme Committee, each of which also includes non-voting delegates from the Members’ Assembly. It has also established an Executive Committee made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Chairs of each of the Financial Audit Committee and Programme Committee.

Information about each of our Board members is below:

Joshua Liswood - Chair of Plan International's International Board

Joshua Liswood (Chair)

Joshua is a retired partner at Canadian law firm Miller Thomson LLP. His practice has been dedicated to the health field as counsel and in an advisory capacity and he has a number of major publications and articles related to this field.

Josh sits on the board of Plan International Canada. He also chairs the Members’ Assembly and the International Board’s Executive Committee.

Gunvor Kronman - Vice Chair of Plan International's International Board

Gunvor Kronman (Vice Chair) 

Gunvor joined the International Board as Vice Chair in November 2014. She has a wealth of experience in the field of international development, previously working for 16 years in the International Red Cross movement and serving on several humanitarian missions. She has chaired the Development Policy Committee for 10 years, advising three Finnish governments on global issues, and has experience in child rights.

She is vice chair of Crisis Management Initiative, an independent organisation that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts and holds Board Memberships with UN Live and Friends of the UN, amongst others. Gunvor is motivated by trying to make the world a better place by pushing for a better life for all children and especially girls, and for gender equality.

Carlos Aparicio - International Board

Carlos Aparicio

Carlos Aparicio is a Colombian national and a member of the board of Fundación Plan in Colombia. He is a specialist in the academic, administrative and financial education. A certified public accountant from the Central University in Colombia with a diploma in financial and administrative management, he is currently the chancellor and legal representative of UNITEC University in Colombia and academic couple Ministry of National Education of Colombia.

Carlos has worked as director and teacher at the Central University, Iberoamericana University, Libertadores University and the University of the Andes. He has been an advisor to the Deputy Minister of Higher Education in Colombia, a consultant for the Organization of the Iberoamerican States, and coordinator of interinstitutional relations at Pan American Association of Educational Credit Institutions. From the age of 5 to 18, Carlos was a Plan International sponsored child. 

Carlos is a member of the Programme Committee.

Axel Berger - International Board

Axel Berger

Axel Berger joined the Board in 2017. He spent most of his professional career for the German arm of KPMG, the accounting firm, thereof 14 as managing partner of Cologne and Munich. He is also the former Vice-President of Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel. He received an Honorary Doctor of the University of Eichstätt.

Axel has sat on the Board of Plan International Germany since 2004 and joined the International Board in 2017. Axel is a member of the Financial Audit Committee.

Elbia Castillo International Board

Elbia Castillo Calderon

Elbia has served as Vice President of Audit, Security and Research of Scotiabank Peru S.A.A. since March 2015.

Elbia holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Universidad de Lima. She joined the International Board in 2017.

She is a member of the Financial Audit Committee.

Amanda Ellingworth (Chair of Programme Committee)

Amanda joined the Board in 2017. Amanda’s first career was in UK local government social work, specialising in children services and child protection. She has since held a ‘portfolio’ of chair or directorships, in the UK public sector and on not for profit boards, always working with vulnerable people, especially children.

Amanda is currently on the boards of Plan International U.K., Barnardo’s and Great Ormond Street Hospital among other organisations. She is the Chair of the Programme Committee and a member of the Executive Committee.

Rabia Garib, International Board

Rabia Garib

Rabia has been an entrepreneur in the area of technology media since 1999 and produces business-technology content for web, television and radio. In 2007, she brought the world's largest business-technology magazine, CIO, to Pakistan. She co-founded ToffeeTV in 2010 which develops local language content, making learning fun through animated songs and stories and producing e-learning content for several companies. ToffeeTV is now expanding into curriculum-aligned educational content.

In 2017, Rabia co-established The New Spaces, a website dedicated to AI, Fintech, IOT and Infosec content. Rabia heads the Pakistan chapter of Eisenhower Fellows and was appointed to the Global Network Council, representing Pakistan on the international forum.

Guenter Haag

Günter Haag (Chair of Financial Audit Committee)

Günter worked for KPMG in Zurich, Geneva and San Francisco in a number of roles as an advisor, auditor and various management positions. He served as a member of the Executive Board of KPMG Switzerland initially as Head of Financial Advisory Services and later as Head of Audit.

Günter specialises in audit, consulting, corporate governance, due diligence and capital market transactions. Günter is the Chair of the Financial Audit Committee and a member of the Executive Committee.

Gerry Hueston - Treasurer

Gerry Hueston (Treasurer)

Gerry retired in 2010 as President of BP in Australasia after a 34-year career with BP in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Europe. He is a past board member of the Business Council of Australia, a past Chairman and board member of the Australian Institute of Petroleum, a former member of the Chairman's Panel of the Australian Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and a former, Commissioner with the Australian Climate Commission.

Gerry is currently Chair of the Australian Climate Council and of Plan International Australia. He is a member of the Financial Audit Committee and a member of the Executive Committee.

Madhukar Kamath

Madhukar Kamath is a Marketing Services professional, with over four decades of experience. Madhukar is currently the Chair Emeritus of the DDB Mudra Group, the Mentor for Interbrand India and the Chair of Multiplier Brand Solutions. He has served as Chair across several advertising organisations and is currently Chair of the Audit Bureau of Circulation. Madhukar helped to build MICA into India’s foremost Strategic Marketing and Communication Management Business School and has also been conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Advertising Association of India.

He serves on the Board of Plan India and is committed to the goal of impacting the lives of 10 million Girl Children.

Nyovani Madise

Nyovani Madise 

Nyovani is the Director of Research and Development Policy and head of the Malawi office at the African Institute for Development Policy. She holds a PhD from the University of Southampton in the UK and in 2016, received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Aberdeen in recognition of her services to research.  Her research focuses on global health issues and she has over 100 publications in international journals on child survival, reproductive and maternal health, HIV/AIDS and child nutrition.

Nyovani serves on many boards and strategic advisory committees in the USA, Europe, and Africa.


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