Our Mission: Beat the Clock

Our mission to Beat the Clock starts now.

Our mission to beat the clock starts now

131 years until we’re all equal.

But girls can’t wait that long.

The World Economic Forum estimates it’ll be 131 years until we achieve true global gender equality.

That’s why we’re launching our mission to Beat the Clock.

A collective undertaking of those who believe a fairer world needs to come faster.

A collective activation for those who want to unite, learn, donate, advocate, fight, champion, and stand together with girls everywhere.

To raise their voices to demand we Beat The Clock.

To fight until we’re all equal.

Together we can Beat the Clock

Ruth wants to become a business mentor.

Ruth’s plan

1. Grow her business

2. Support her siblings to stay in school

3. Mentor others

Teresa’s Plan 

  1. Raise girls’ adaptability to climate change 
  1. Build financial knowledge
  1. Reduce youth poverty  
Teresa from Timor-Leste wants to strengthen girls' adaptability to climate change.
Melany is going to eliminate child marriage.

Melany’s plan

  1. Infiltrate the president’s office
  2. Advocate for change
  3. Eliminate early and forced marriage

Salma’s plan

  1. Stay in school 
  1. Become a teacher 
  1. Advance the rights of people with disabilities 
Salma is happiest at school
Person, Reading, Adult

Sarai’s plan

  1. Release emotions through sisterhood and self-care
  2. Help other girls to heal
  3. Study for a career in law or medicine

Eunice and Kumba’s plan

  1. Become school teachers
  2. Be role models for young girls
  3. Change what is expected for girls and young women
Eunice and Kumba stand in the doorway of their school.

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