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The Global Girls Foundation is an independent philanthropic foundation created by Plan International to support its mission.   

Headquartered in Zurich, the Foundation connects and collaborates with global thought leaders and experts to influence social justice for girls. We are creating an exclusive circle of global changemakers to co-create and co-own solutions that advance girls’ rights.  

About us

The Global Girls Foundation stands for a world where every girl can fulfil her potential, where her rights are unwavering, and equality is not just a dream but an everyday reality!  

Leveraging Plan International‘s extensive experience and proven track record of transformative impact, our focus is on catalysing lasting change, not just temporary solutions.  

  • We want to see girls standing strong creating global change and we will stand by them, creating space for them to learn, lead, decide and thrive.  
  • Together with partners and philanthropists across generations, we can make a difference by working with girls and support them to break down the barriers and discrimination so many girls and young women experience every minute, every hour, every day.   
  • Our focus is on co-creating powerful solutions with girls that can be scaled up quickly and contribute to social, gender, economic and climate justice.  
  • We partner with passionate change makers who want to do more than give – who want to contribute their experiences and expertise to impactful projects.  
Head, Person, Face

“We girls are already changing the world and if more people support us with better education, ensuring that girls go to school and putting a stop to violence, I am sure we would create unimaginable things.”  

Biryit, 10, Peru

Your philanthropic impact

Every child has the right to be healthy, educated, protected, valued, respected and heard. However, the reality is that millions of children around the world are barred from accessing their rights. And girls are the most likely to suffer from these injustices. Investing in girls is one of the most effective ways to fight global poverty and create most resilient, just communities.   

As a changemaker you can co-create and add value either in global strategic initiatives across three areas:  

Girls in crisis

We respond to girls’ specific needs and help increase their resilience. We support them to play a leading role in their communities’ recovery.  

Girls in leadership

We support girls to gain the knowledge, tools and access mentors to become leaders of change in their lives and communities.  

Girls in innovation

We create opportunities for girls to engage in technology and innovation to close the digital gender divide.  

Working with youth activists

In all thematic areas, we work together with girls and young women to be active drivers of social and political change.  

Racheal, Lynne, and Margaret in Geneva spoke on equality at the United Nations
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Why partner with the Global Girls Foundation?

You are joining forces with a leading children’s rights organisation that strives for a just world by advancing girls’ rights and equality for girls. With more than 85 years of experience in over 80 countries, we have what it takes to tackle today’s challenges. We work alongside our partners to help create a more equal world.

We support girls and young people to drive the change they need in their lives. Too often, girls and young people are ignored and silenced, their views discounted, and their needs passed over. But it’s critical that girls’ and young women’s voices are heard and is critical to achieving gender equality.  

We are committed to working with girls and young women to raise their voices and help them achieve sustainable change for us all.   

As a changemaker you can fuel this movement, empowering girls to lead, thrive and shape a future where we are all equal.  The Global Girls Foundation will support you in your individual philanthropic journey and involve you in a meaningful and impactful way.   

Meet the team

Susanna Tornyay

Susanna Tornyay

Susanna is a senior executive with three decades of international experience in business development and relationship management in the private and non-profit sectors. At Deutsche Bank Switzerland she managed key client relationships in private wealth management. For eight years, she was responsible for philanthropy and legacies at Oxfam Germany. 

She has an Austrian law degree, is a certified philanthropy advisor and speaks six languages.   

Susanna is a trusted counsellor to foundations and committed changemakers to accompany them on their philanthropic journey.   

Lea Bachmann  

Lea Bachmann, Global Girls Foundation

Lea has dedicated her professional career to ending injustice and social inequality.M

For 10 years, she worked at Save the Children partnering with philanthropists, corporates, foundations and private individuals.

She holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communications from the University of St. Gallen and a postgraduate degree in Development & Cooperation from ETH Zurich. 

How you can support us

As a partner to the Global Girls Foundation, you can contribute through endowments and donations. 

Endowments ensure sustainable financing in the long-term where it is most needed. The capital of the Global Girls Foundation is invested according to guidelines on ESG criteria and the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Donations enable change for girls now. Strategically allocated, they improve organisational capabilities and allow us to scale up innovations for more impact.  


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Anna Volpel de Borja, Ambassador of the Global Girls Foundation speaks to a girl from Cusco, Peru.

“Our greatest desire is that girls have the tools and the surroundings to achieve their goals, grow up free from all forms of violence and lead their own destinies.

“We want to make a collective call, which reaches all corners of the world, so that we can come together with the aim that those who are girls today, can be women leaders with a voice in decision-making tomorrow.”  

Anna Volpel de Borja, Ambassador of the Global Girls Foundation