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30 July 2018

The world is changing and so are we. In 2017 Plan International adopted a new organisational purpose, theory of change and strategy that stretch our global ambition to contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. We have put gender equality and the persistent development challenges that girls are facing right at the heart of our organisational purpose.

We have grown from being child-centred and community-focused to recognising that we must also impact young people over 18 years of age, work at multiple levels and be active across humanitarian and development contexts. We know that we must partner with and influence a wide range of players to catalyse sustainable, transformative change at scale, from local to global levels.

Our primary impact groups

We are committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of the most vulnerable and excluded children while creating greater equality for girls. Our purpose thus concerns two intersecting primary impact groups:

  • vulnerable and excluded children, and
  • girls in particular.

Girls are a particularly important impact group for us. Gender inequality compounds all forms of exclusion, making the effects of exclusion different and often worse for girls and women.

Dimensions of change

Achieving lasting improvements in the lives of girls and boys depends on the environment in which they live and how this enables them to realise their rights. We can best contribute to more enabling environments by triggering change in three interdependent and interconnected dimensions:

  • by influencing social norms – particularly harmful gender norms – and related attitudes and behaviours
  • by strengthening people’s personal, social and economic assets and safety nets
  • by contributing to better policies, legislation, budgets and government services at various levels that affect children’s and particularly girls’ lives.
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