Adolescent girls in the climate crisis:

Voices from Zambia and Zimbabwe

This report details the key findings from the Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR) on how climate change impacts on adolescent girls’ and young women’s access to education in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The report is written from the collective perspectives
of the young women and adolescent girls involved.

It captures everything leading to the production of
the report; including how they understood, analysed,
and expressed themselves during the research
process which involved detailed capacity building
activities, data collection, analysis and writing
workshops. Using a FPAR approach, this report
is the result of a series of workshops that sought
to develop a shared understanding of feminism,
climate change, and the gendered impacts of climate
change on education.

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Voices from Zimbabwe and Zambia Report


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Voices from Zimbabwe And Zambia Executive Summary


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Voices from Zimbabwe And Zambia Technical Report


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Research aims

The overall objective of the research was to understand the impact climate change has on girls’ education in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Also, to provide evidence of the role of both formal and informal education to build adolescent girls’ and young women’s ability to adapt to climate extremes and contribute to a transition to a greener economy in these two countries.

The research sought to build an evidence base that furthers understanding, through young women and adolescent girls’ views and lived experiences, of how climate change is reshaping their lives and their futures. Is it acting as a barrier to quality education and, if so, in what way? The research also sought to determine the views of young women and adolescent girls on the role of quality education to effectively address the urgent climate-related challenges they face. 

Using the ‘download’ button you can also access the related technical report – Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Empowering Young Women Through Feminist Participatory Action Research in Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

Emergencies, Child protection in emergencies, Climate change, Climate change activism, Education in emergencies, Youth economic empowerment in emergencies