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Safe schools, Indonesia

Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential Corporation Asia, is working with us to address the adverse effects of disasters and their effect on children in Asia.

This innovative partnership supports Plan International’s Safe Schools programme in selected schools across Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines; 3 countries in Asia which are especially prone to natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, floods, typhoons and earthquakes.
Children spend up to 50% of their waking hours in school facilities, yet all too often schools are not constructed or maintained to be disaster resilient. The deaths of children and adults in schools cause irreplaceable losses to families and communities. Millions of children also suffer lifelong injuries and disabilities through disasters. Children’s education is often one of the first activities abandoned when disasters occur and this has a huge impact.

Strengthening resilience

The project educates and prepares teachers and students to respond when disaster strikes as well as building capacity amongst the nearby communities to strengthen local resilience and their ability to cope when disasters occur.
This partnership falls under one of Prudence Foundation’s key pillars, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. As a leading life insurer in the region, Prudential is not only providing protection from loss to its customers, but through the Foundation also protecting lives in local communities.

What we've achieved

  • 7,000 children reached with life-saving training 
  • 30,000 community members impacted. 

Camelle, aged 15, from the Philippines knew what steps to take when she heard Typhoon Haiyan was coming, thanks to our Safe Schools programme.  

“When we heard about the typhoon, my classmates and I had a meeting, before deciding the best thing to do was go home, inform our families and prepare our belongings. We packed up our clothes, made some food and went to the evacuation site.” 

Camelle is a participant of the Safe Schools programme in the Philippines
Camelle knew what action to take when Typhoon Haiyan struck, thanks to the Safe Schools programme.

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