Our projects series: Bike for Future

Girls in cycling and vocational training

The Bike for Future project places a distinct emphasis on empowering girls and young women through cycling and vocational training.

The Bike for Future project engages female youth in cycling and vocational training.

During its first cohort, the project has welcomed 30 as part of the cycling team. Through the vocational skills, 9 girls are now engaged in welding, 15 girls in bicycle mechanics, 15 in tailoring and 1 girl in information, communication and technology. This project, engaging 60% girls and 40% boys, is implemented by Learn Work Develop Rwanda and sponsored by Plan International Belgium and Plan International Rwanda.

The project has 4 pivotal goals, including empower girls and young women through the sports for change approach; achieve economic empowerment through skills training and networks; challenge gender stereotypes with community support; and secure private sector commitment to engage youth in their respective sectors.

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Skills and work, Youth empowerment, girls’ leadership, Vocational training