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Win4Youth: Our partnership with Adecco Group Foundation

Workforce vitality creates social value. Our partnership with Adecco Group Foundation harnesses the power of sport to engage an entire workforce to give back to society.

This is a partnership that harnesses the power of sport to engage an entire workforce to give back to society.  It aims to provide skills to the most disadvantaged youth and design innovative solutions to challenges faced by young people entering the workforce.

Our partnership is part of Adecco Group Foundation’s Win4Youth programme. Win4Youth aims to engage the Adecco Group’s workforce and client base through their passion for sport to increase youth employability. Every minute of sports activity logged translates into funding for Plan International, supporting our vital work to improve the lives, education and employment prospects of young people around the world.

Together, our vision is to support and empower disadvantaged young people to develop the skills and confidence to enter the world of work, regardless of their background. We want to advance the rights of these children and young people by enabling them to have equal opportunities to start their careers.  

Our partnership will support disadvantaged youth by:

  • Involving them in technical vocational training
  • Enhancing their professional skills and life skills
  • Providing them with internships and job opportunities 
  • Providing job placement and entrepreneurship development opportunities 
  • Supporting them to set up and maintain businesses

As part of the partnership, government agencies and local authorities and employers will increase awareness and capacity on providing decent work to disadvantaged youth.

To find out more about our partnership with the Adecco Group, please contact Audrey Falduzzi, Head of Major Partnerships, Plan International Switzerland,