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Women using mobile phone, Kenya

From child protection to education, mobile technology is helping communities to access their rights

From child protection to education, mobile technology is helping communities to access their rights.

Plan and Nokia have been working together since 2006 to empower children and youth in developing countries and help them to become active and leading participants in their own development.

The partnership has helped thousands of children in 14 countries across Africa to speak out on child rights and bring about change.

Plan has collaborated with Nokia to improve birth registration processes in Kenya through using mobile devices and solutions such as Nokia Data Gathering*.

Nokia has supported children, youth and communities to use a variety of media -  such as radio, music videos, the internet, mobile phones and television - to promote child rights, enhance life skills and empower youth.

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The partnership has also supported child line projects that offer free telephone help and services to victims of violence or abuse.

Learning and innovation

Today, the partnership focuses on supporting learning and finding innovative ways to use mobile technology in realising children’s rights.

“With our global reach and mobile technology expertise, Nokia can clearly have a huge positive impact on a range of environmental and social issues. But we can’t do it alone. By working together with other organisations we can make an even greater difference in the ongoing strive for a more sustainable, socially responsible world. With Plan we do this, for example, through providing our technology for joint projects on early childhood care and education, and in strengthening schools’ own governance systems to empower communities,” says Pia Tanskanen from Nokia Sustainability.

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Case studies

Boosting birth registration in Kenya

Boosting birth registration in Kenya

A Plan and Nokia-supported project in Kwale district, Kenya, is using mobile devices to boost birth registration - a key to accessing essential services such as health and schooling.