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Plan partners with a variety of development organisations that work to improve children's lives in developing countries. In addition, Plan has formed corporate partnerships throughout the world.

Development partners

Action for Global Health (AFGH)

A cross-Europe network of non-governmental organisations and charities, calling for Europe to act now to enable developing countries to achieve the health Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)

A global network that disseminates information about the Convention on the Rights of the Child and child rights amongst non-governmental organisations, United Nations agencies, inter-governmental organisation, educational institutions, and other child rights experts. The coordinating unit is based in London, UK.

Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP)

A worldwide alliance of organisations and individuals campaigning to reduce poverty through trade justice, debt cancellation, increased and better quality aid, and national efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Global Movement for Children (GMC)

Established in 2001, the Global Movement for Children aims to put children's rights on the public agenda. Founded by Plan in partnership with UNICEF, the International Save the Children Alliance, World Vision International, Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) and Netaid.org.

Global Campaign for Education (GCE)

The GCE believes that free, quality basic education for everyone is not only an essential right, but an achievable goal. 125,000,000 children are still out of school, and one in three adults is illiterate. Determined to end this injustice, aid agencies, non-government organisations, child rights activists, and teachers' and public sector unions operating in 180 countries have joined forces to launch the GCE.

Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe is a network of organisations working together to increase safeguards offered to children. It strives to ensure children globally are protected from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.


An information technology consortium of 18 leading international non-governmental organisations. Through member knowledge sharing, collaboration and by facilitating public benefit collaborations with major corporations, NetHope enables members to extend their communications infrastructure and leverage of internet-based applications to help millions of people in more than 100 developing countries.

UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. It focuses on the critical impact social and economic policy issues have on children and promotes child rights initiatives - such as end violence against children.