Our Voices for our Tomorrow

Youth reimagining a gender-equal future 

Research findings and youth demands for the Summit of the Future. 

Our Voices for Our Tomorrow - report cover.

This report presents young people’s thoughts, worries, ideas, vision, and recommendations for a gender-equal future. It provides a foundation for informed discussion, generating new participatory evidence on what concrete steps we can take to achieve gender equality and positive futures for everyone.  

Plan International conducted participatory workshops and an online survey with more than 100 young people from over 35 countries representing all regions of the world so that the voices of adolescent girls and young people emerge loud and clear during this year’s UN Summit of the Future.  

Girls face persistent discrimination

The challenges and anxieties of this generation of young people, are exacerbated for girls and young women by persistent gender discrimination, lack of opportunity and the too-common experience of gender-based violence. Young research participants want a future where gender equality is not just a goal, but a reality that permeates every aspect of society.

Girls’ Pact for the Future

The youth research participants are confident that they can bring about change and want to be involved in decision making. They know what needs to change and put their demands and recommendations for policy makers in the Girls’ Pact for the Future.  

They demand that policy makers involve young people, including girls in all their diversity, in decision-making processes in a systematic, meaningful, inclusive, and empowering way.

Leaders must reaffirm commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals and human rights, turning pledges into concrete action to urgently deliver on promises to achieve gender equality and a better world for all. 

“What I speak today will impact tomorrow, for my future begins with my voice today. Please, listen to our voices as young people, for the decisions you make today will impact our lives tomorrow.”

Furaha, 16, Sub-Saharan Africa

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