Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Programme Participants

27 June 2019

Plan International’s Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Programme Participants.

Plan International is fully committed to:

  • Creating a safe and inclusive culture that allows children, programme participants, staff, associates and visitors to thrive and feel secure while engaging with Plan International; and supports people to understand, exercise their rights and report any concerns. We promote the active involvement of children and programme participants in their own protection.
  • Addressing the drivers of gender inequality and unequal power relations that can lead to harm and violence, including sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (SHEA) through gender responsive intersectional safeguarding of all children and programme participants from all forms of violence by staff, associates and visitors.
  • Strengthening, cultivating and sharing the capacity of all staff, associates and visitors so they understand, and are supported in meeting, their safeguarding roles, responsibilities, and their duty to do no harm. We take positive action to prevent anyone who might be a risk to children and programme participants from becoming involved with us.
  • Promoting child and programme participant safe practices, approaches, interventions and environments which respect, recognise and respond to the specific safeguarding needs and the different protection risks faced by children and programme participants based on their gender and other identities. We will challenge and do not tolerate inequality, discrimination or exclusion.
  • Encouraging, facilitating and receiving all reports related to safeguarding or SHEA concerns.  We are committed to ensuring appropriate, adequate and accessible mechanisms for reporting are in place for staff, associates, children, programme participants and communities at large.
  • Responding in a timely, effective, safe, comprehensive, procedurally fair and confidential manner to all Safeguarding complaints, allegations and incidents, ensuring victims’/survivors’ perspectives, voices and best interests are central to any efforts to prevent and respond to any safeguarding concern and providing necessary support to victims/survivors. We have zero tolerance to inaction on safeguarding and SHEA reports. 

The purpose of the policy is to ensure:

  • all staff, associates and visitors understand the importance of preventing violence in all its forms and their responsibility to ensure that they, their behaviour and work does not result in violence or harm against a child or programme participant.
  • all staff, associates and visitors understand their role in preventing violence and harm as well as the consequences of breaching this policy.
  • all staff, associates and visitors understand their responsibility to report any concerns relating to violence and harm and have access to clear guidelines on how to report suspected breaches of this policy.
  • all staff, associates and visitors understand our commitment to upholding the highest level of personal and professional conduct amongst staff, associates and visitors working in or visiting programming contexts, particularly humanitarian settings where vulnerabilities are increased, ensuring zero tolerance to inaction on reports of any and all safeguarding concerns.
  • children and programme participants are aware of our responsibilities to prevent and respond to any harm against them arising from actions and behaviours of our staff, associates and visitors and the routes for reporting such incidents.
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Protection from violence, Youth empowerment, Child protection in emergencies, Safeguarding