The Girls’ Pact for the Future 

Youth reimagining a gender-equal future 

The UN Summit of the Future will deliver a Pact for the Future, concrete commitments to meet the challenges ahead. Young people must be included in these plans – it is after all their future.  

Will you listen to the younger generation? Girls Pact for the Future

To ensure their voices are heard, adolescent girls and young people aged 15-24 from around the world developed the Girls’ Pact for the Future sharing their concerns with the current state of the world, their vision of a positive future with gender equality at its heart, and clear and actionable recommendations for policy makers to achieve gender equality.  

The Girls’ Pact for the Future was developed as part of the research “Our Voices for our Tomorrow” which provides more details on the methodology and on young people’s views of the future.  

Download the Girls’ Pact:

Girls' Pact for the Future – English


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Girls' Pact for the future – French


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Girls' Pact for the Future – Spanish


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