Disability Awareness Toolkit

31 October 2017

This toolkit aims to equip field staff and volunteers with a resource that can assist in introducing disability to the community and challenging negative perceptions.

Disability Awareness Toolkit

Plan International’s Outside the Circle (2013) research confirms that some of the biggest barriers towards inclusion for both children and adults with disabilities are community perceptions, local culture and customary laws. A key recommendation arising from the research is the need for awareness raising regarding the right to protection for children with disabilities.

The Disability Awareness Toolkit is a resource that can be used when facilitating a community meeting. After the community meeting participants will be able to:

  • Identify people with disabilities in their community;
  • Reflect on their own attitudes towards people with disabilities in their community;
  • Give an analysis on the consequences and causes of their attitudes and behaviours, and;
  • Come up with suggestions on how to improve the situation for people with disabilities in their community.
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Skills and work, Children with disabilities, Lifeskills training