Beijing +25 Toolkit

10 June 2020

A guide to the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA) and how girl and youth-led groups can use it for advocacy.

This guide has been created for girl and youth led groups working on girls’ rights and contains lots of information on the BPfA, its accountability mechanisms and how you can best use it for your advocacy.

Due to the global situation on COVID-19 lots of events and processes have been postponed and the focus of governments has shifted to responding to the health pandemic. It’s therefore more important than ever to engage with Beijing+25 to make sure that girls’ rights are still a priority of governments, both during this crisis and after.

Although everything is changing, there are lots of innovative and exciting ways that girl and youth led groups are coming together to organise on girls’ rights. There are lots of opportunities  for you to organise with other girls, amplify your agenda and to ensure your priorities are heard over the coming months. We hope this guide is useful in supporting you to do so!

What is the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action?

The BPfA was created in 1995 and is an action-oriented global programme that hopes to end all forms of discrimination against women, achieve gender equality, and fully realise women’s rights worldwide. It is the most comprehensive global outline for action on achieving gender equality and is used as a source of guidance to realise the human rights of women and girls everywhere.

In 1995, 189 Governments agreed to commitments set out in the BPfA and the 12 critical areas it covers. These areas are as important and relevant to accomplishing gender equality today as they were 25 years ago.


  • 12 Critical Areas of Concern
  • Understanding how to influence the Beijing agenda
  • Structures of accountability
  • Reporting
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • United Nations: decision makes and bodies of power
  • Generation Equality
  • Action Coalitions
  • Your advocacy
  • What is advocacy?
  • Creating messages
  • Online campaigning
  • Being safe on the Internet
  • What can you do to engage in Beijing+25?

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