Plan Academy

The Plan Academy is a learning platform for Plan International staff and its partners.


The Plan Academy enables Plan International staff and its partners to gain competencies supporting their work with children, young people and communities to create lasting, positive change.

Being a development NGO, the ultimate place we want to see the impact of our learning is with the communities.


It serves as a home to a global learning community for better child rights programming and offers a broad range of courses and modules from working with young people, disaster risk management, tackling exclusion, child protection to facilitating community development.

In 2015, the Academy was shortlisted for 2 e-learning awards, acknowledging it is unique in the way it gives learners access to quality resources and the ability to connect with each other across continents.


Here is a testimony from one of the learners, Soleil Mom Chantara (Cambodia):

“There is much to learn from Plan Academy. It’s not theoretical like the knowledge and skill we gained from other schools. The information and lessons shared are work-related, up-to-date, and practical. Also we have the opportunity to interact and share our learning with other learners from different corners of the world.”