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We are the next leaders: fund girls' education

G20 countries need to take action in 2018 and support quality education for all children.

Educating girls has beneficial effects on wider society which can help lift whole communities out of poverty.

School is a space in which girls make their voices heard and learn the skills required to take on leadership roles in their homes, careers and communities. Education allows girls to build a better future, for themselves and for generations to come.

After their July meeting in Hamburg, the G20 leaders made positive statements about the education finance agenda. Now they have to deliver action and increase financing so all children get a quality education.

Girls’ education: The facts

Even when girls do attend school, there are barriers that prevent them from reaching their potential. Gender-biased attitudes and expectations at home and in the community restrict girls’ access to and completion of education.

If no action is taken, over 400 million girls will not secure secondary-level skills by 2030 - missing the Global Goal for gender equality.

Give girls the chance to change the world - by helping us spread the message:

Girls can change the world

By closing the education funding gap and addressing the barriers preventing girls from equal participation at school, we can help develop the next generation of female leaders.

G20 leaders must commit to increasing financing for girls’ education.

Give girls the chance to change the world - by helping us spread the message: