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Fund girls’ education


Following calls from girls across the globe, world leaders have pledged $2.3 billion to fund education over the next 3 years.

With your support, girls successfully influenced donors to increase education funding when they met at the Global Partnership for Education Financing Conference in Dakar, Senegal on 1-2 February. This result is a win for education and means more children will have access to 12 years of quality education by 2030. Now action must follow the promises made on girls' education.

Through the global #WeAreTheNext campaign, girls called on leaders in low to middle income countries to commit at least a fifth of their national budgets to education. They also called for donor governments to ensure the Global Partnership for Education met its fundraising target.

Girls’ education matters

Educating girls has beneficial effects on society which can contribute to the development of entire countries. However, girls are far more likely to remain excluded from school.

Education is every child's right and is key to tackling poverty, climate change and gender equality.

By funding quality education for all children and addressing the barriers preventing equal participation at school, we can enable girls to reach their full potential and take the lead - in school, at home and in their communities.

Join the global movement for girls’ rights